Time Your Coffee Breaks with Naps

Time Your Coffee Breaks with NapsDon’t you just hate those slow afternoons in the office? 30 minutes after lunch, you’re back on your desk and then it hits you – the afternoon down. This is another one for you people who need a boost of energy to get you through the day. Most people have their remedies for this occurrence; however, the most popular options are to either take a cup of coffee or a nap. Instead of just taking a cup of coffee, or a 15-minute nap, a better question is: why not both?

Yes, caffeine is an amazing tool to counter the energy dip we experience during the day. However, our body usually develops a natural tolerance for the effects that caffeine gives us, at a rather quick pace as well. Caffeine tolerance normally builds up in 2-3 weeks, and at the end is near total-tolerance. You see, Caffeine doses decrease the level of adenosine in the brain, a chemical that promotes focus and concentration. Therefore, if you drink coffee to the point of total-tolerance, the increased levels of caffeine are counteracted by decreased levels of adenosine – to the point where adenosine is almost nil. This means, that you’ll need your caffeine just to get your normal level of brain activity!

However, there is a way to counter this: take your coffee with naps! A study in the UK showed that a coffee-nap can help improve productivity, focus, and your mood. Here’s how:

  1. When you feel your eyes droopy midday, it’s time to grab a cup of coffee. Down all of it. The caffeine has to travel through your stomach system, so you’ll have time for a nap before it kicks in.
  2. Nap. Simply close your relax and enter nirvana (we do not promote the use of illegal narcotics). You’ll fall into a microsleep, or a momentary loss of consciousness.
  3. Wake up in 15 minutes. An alarm might come in handy here, but basically, try to get up again in around 15 minutes, before sleep inertia kicks in. If it does, you’ll feel even groggier than you were before, so 15 minutes is the ideal time to take a nap.

There you go! With those steps, you’ll be awake, refreshed, and caffeined up to go for the rest of the day! Now get back to work!

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