Three Kick-ass Ways to Re-invigor your Drive

3 Kick-ass Ways to Re-invigor your DrivePerhaps the biggest problem that most people in the workplace suffer from is a difficulty getting things done. With all the talks of increasing your productivity, perhaps the underlying problem isn’t productivity at all. Maybe the thing is, you’re just not interested at all. And when you aren’t interested, you’re most likely not to going to do anything positive about it.

Maybe that’s also a reason why your high school teacher would tell you that you have so much potential, yet it always seems that you end up getting really bad grades. It wasn’t about being smart at all – you just did not care.

  1. Think about the end goal. Sometimes, with all the work and pressure put on us, it’s very easy to just get distracted and lose focus. You start thinking about “why am I even doing this in the first place?” Your ideas just become a little convoluted, and as a result you’re not pushing as hard as he used to anymore. Reminding yourself about the end goal – the reason why you’re really enduring all this hardship – allows you to reevaluate and refocus. You’ll find that after reminding yourself again that you’re doing this for the Lamborghini, your mindset changes. You’re not doing this anymore because it needs to get done. You’re doing this because of what you get for getting it done.
  2. Create a vision board. A vision board is more that contains images of everything that you want. It contains pictures of your dream house, your favorite past time, the vacations that you want to take in the future, and anything that you can even want. All of these images are your goals. And how can you achieve these goals? It’s by getting things done. Put the vision board in your line of sight where you work. At any time you’re having difficulties getting things done, look at your vision board. It should drive you.
  3. Break down large goals into smaller ones. Sometimes the goals we set are just a little bit too overwhelming. You find that sometimes it takes you days, or even weeks, just to accomplish one of your goals? If that’s the case, then you need to break the goals down. Instead of having two or three large goals, why not have nine or 10 smaller goals? If it takes a really long time to complete one goal, we often get really demotivated and procrastination sets in. However, the accomplishment of goals – even small ones – definitely help with our motivation. Think about it, if you’re trying to lose weight and your goal is to lose 10 kg, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment, and like many, will probably lose interest really quickly. However, if you just simply plan to lose 2 kg in a month, at the end of the month you’ll feel extremely motivated to continue working out, after seeing how much weight you’ve lost in a small amount of time!

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