The 90-Minute Rule for a Good Night’s Sleep

Consistently Getting Yourself to GymHave you sometimes slept within the doctor recommended amount (6 to 8 hours), but still woke up on the wrong side of the bed? I have to admit myself that every now and then, I get up feeling extremely exhausted and fatigued even after having a “good night’s rest”. Well before you claim that life isn’t fair at all, science has an explanation.

While to a certain degree, it’s about how long you sleep, there is also another part of the equation to getting a good night’s rest. One thing most fail to consider is our body’s natural circadian rhythms. Simply enough, it takes around 90 minutes to complete a full circadian rhythm, and waking up in between is not pleasant at all.

If you really want to have a productive day, you should consider the circadian rhythm and aim to wake up at the end of a cycle, and not in the middle of it. Aim to sleep in increments of 90 minutes – waking up after 6 hours, 7 and a half hours, or 9 hours. You will wake up feeling much much better, and your brain will already be ready to tackle the day.

When we use our alarm clocks, we often wake up in the middle of a circadian cycle. But if we were not to use them, our bodies will wake up naturally at the end of a cycle, giving us a refreshed feeling as well.

This is also why using the snooze button is so bad. When we wake up in the morning and hit the snooze button to get another 10 minutes of sleep, we fall back into deep sleep and are forced to wake up from the middle of it – not so good either. While you might think that will give you a few extra minutes, you’re actually going to feel worse the second time around you wake up.

Sleep right and use the 90-minute rule for your advantage – you’ll feel like a boss when you wake up. Guaranteed. 😉

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