How To Successfully Overcome Your Fears in 3 Easy Steps



Fear, the oldest emotion known to mankind, is what saves us from danger. As a survival mechanism, fear creates physiological changes in the body, permitting us to think and act fast. Despite its usefulness, however, this same emotion is also what holds us back, more often that it should, from reaching our fullest potential. Learning how to overcome your fear(s) will not only help set a path towards a more adventurous and fulfilling life, but it will also allow you to unleash a better, more liberated version of yourself.

The most important aspect of fear that most people don’t understand is that it is a mental experience. Our mind controls everything – from our energy levels to the amount of drive we have to our attraction towards others. This means that in order to tackle our fears, we must train our brains to conquer that feeling of terror.

Whatever your fears may be – whether it’s being in high places, public speaking in front of a huge audience, going in for a dive in open waters, being left alone, getting abandoned, etc. – keep in mind from this day onwards that nothing can get in your way anymore. You have the power to control your mind and not vice versa, and you will begin to live life to the fullest after finally succeeding to conquer that big, overwhelming fearfulness.

The first step to overcoming your fear is by wanting to do so. But by looking for and deciding to read this article, it’s fair to assume that you’ve already developed that desire. Let’s get started with the 3 best tips and tricks you need to learn before beginning your journey towards a fear-free life.


  1. “Nice To Meet You, Fear. Let’s Get to Know Each Other.”


After finding the drive to get over your fear, the next thing to check off on the list is to get acquainted with your scary pal. This means doing whatever it takes to understand your fear, including what potentially caused the development of it (this may require a bit of memory jogging), what triggers is, how it makes you feel, why it makes you feel that way, etc.

When I realized that the story behind my fear of heights dates back to my old tree-climbing days as a child, during which I had a terrible fall and split my chin, I felt much more comfortable dealing with it. Reflecting on my fears permitted me to better understand the situation and how I’ve made it a bigger deal than it actually is.


  1. Just Do It…But Take Baby Steps.


Now that you’ve understood the cause and underlying context of your fear, it’s time to actually face them. The trick is to take baby steps and feel proud of yourself with every stride of the way. Let’s say your biggest worry in life is public speaking – you can’t stand the thought of standing on stage in front of hundreds of strangers, all of whom are setting their eyes on you, pressuring you, waiting for you to say something great. Well, begin to tackle this fear by talking to yourself in a room alone. This will help to develop your presentation skills and can give you the confidence you need. Once you feel comfortable doing so, invite 1-2 close friends/family members over to practice staying in the room while you present. Overtime, keep increasing the number of people in the room slowly until you realize how brilliant of a presenter you are – it’s just the fear that’s been holding you back from shining this entire time.


  1. Be Committed!


Last but most certainly not least, we have commitment. No matter how difficult it gets, no matter how many tears have been shed through the journey, no matter how many anxiety attacks or screams you’ve let out, don’t give up. It takes some serious guts to even begin tackling your fear, so do yourself the favor of sticking to your goals to ensure that you’ll be starting this new upcoming year with a New Edition of yourself. If you need a spur of motivation to stay committed then feel free to visit various blogs and/or websites where people share their experiences of overcoming their fears and how absolutely amazing it feels to do so.

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