Smoking is the Brain’s Enemy

Smoking is the Brain’s EnemyThis article is made for all you smokers! It doesn’t matter if you’re a chain smoker, a social smoker, or a smoker who’s trying to quit – read on. This might just convince you to. If the possibility of lung cancer and the inevitable bad teeth isn’t doing it for you yet, then we’re giving you another reason why you should stop smoking, and stop smoking NOW: Smoking slows your brain.

Obviously, there are many more reasons to quit smoking, increased likelihood of a stroke, decreased lung capacity, and the fact that you might die before your parents – also, if you didn’t know yet, smoking is NOT cool – but this astounding research might just be that edge that pushes you over the side into tobacco-freedom.

Published in the journal “Age and Ageing,” BBC featured a study of over 8,000 people over age 50. The study stated that there was a link between smoking and problems in memory, learning, and reasoning in the brain. Aging is obviously a factor in decreased brain function, but the research states that the rate of degradation is in high-gear when you’re a regular smoker.

In fact, the researchers were so avid to rule out every other possibility, that they even parallel researched the effects of high blood pressure and weight as well. The results were astounding, as they found out that not only did smoking produce the most dramatic results, but it was the only one that directly affected cognitive degradation.

The research implies, as well, that a combination of regular smoking, weight problems, and high-blood pressure may cause a plethora of problems to an individual and even more so to the brain.

Cognitive decline can develop into dementia as we age, and we are very motivated to find a way to prevent it. We’ve found that of all the factors that could lead to this, smoking is the one that not only directly influences this, but also accelerates it greatly.
Dr. Simon Ridley,
Alzheimer’s Research, U.K.

The results are dramatic, and even imply that smoking is not only a bad habit, but maybe the worst habit. Whether you’ll take heed of the warning is up to you. However, the facts are in front of you, and I don’t know about you, but I kind of want to outlive my parents.

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