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Smart Pill Review
Smart Pill Review

What’s amazing is that since the beginning of the brain enhancement industry, it took it this long before anyone actually thought about naming their product Smart Pill. Whether it does actually make you smart or enhances the brain is up for debate, but we’ll be examining Only Natural’s Smart Pill in this review, as well as a few other things.
Smart Pill is actually a nootropic – meaning that it increases activity in the brain, breaking down lipofuscin, and allowing a higher overall flow of blood to the old noggin. Smart Pill works similar to the other brain enhancers in the industry – Alpha Brain, NITROvit, Ginkgo Smart, etc. – except that there’s one thing that sets it apart from the rest: its ingredients are all-natural, as suggested by the company behind it.

Smart Pill’s ingredients are all-natural. This means that where some of the other manufacturers opted to use ingredients that can be made synthetically in the lab, Smart Pill’s ingredients aren’t. However, there is a common misconception – natural ingredients does not always mean better. Some ingredients, when synthetically produced, are of better quality and grade, offering better results. Additionally, while some naturally occurring substances may pose side effects, when synthetically produced, these side effects might be done away with. Bottom line is: all-natural is not always better.
In this respect, Smart Pill substitutes some of the more common nootropic ingredients found in most other brain enhancers for those like Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, Gotu Kola, and some multivitamins. Their ingredients seemed spot on, as these contribute to the aid in focus, as well as clarity, while maintaining proper nutrition for the brain. Additionally, these ingredients support increased learning capabilities as well. Notably, though, they were not as effective as their synthetic counterparts.
We were still slightly disappointed in the decision to add multivitamins in Smart Pill. Multivitamins are quite cheap, and most people eat multivitamins anyway. So why include it in a brain enhancer?

  • Ingredients score: 20/25

Experimenting with Smart Pill
A few of us here at had the chance to test Smart Pill a good 2 weeks before everyone else started, which admittedly, allowed us to examine it more in-depth without the problems of groupthink and alike.
We really liked Smart Pill. From our first few weeks, we were able to gain immense clarity of thought, which was really unmatched by most other offerings in the market. Focus and concentration, as well as attention span and motivation were great boosts as well, as we saw great leagues in some areas at work. However, it seemed like Smart Pill wasn’t really that great at providing any long-term results, and in fact, some of these effects subsided after a period of continuous usage.
One thing to note is that those of us who were on Smart Pill felt a lot better and claimed a “cleaner” experience on it that we’ve ever had on any other type of nootropic before.

  • Experimenting with Smart Pill score: 19/25

Smart Pill was actually quite cheaper than any of the other brain enhancers we’ve ordered. From memory, it’s probably the cheapest, coming at only $32.99 for a 60-count bottle. This 60 count bottle might last you anywhere between 1 to 2 months of use, depending on your usage and bodyweight. Again, this is a whole lot cheaper than most other brain enhancers that we’ve tried before which normally come at around $50 to $70 a month.
Then again, this might also be due to the fact that a large chunk of Smart Pill is multivitamins. We mentioned how multivitamins are generally cheap ingredients, which might be a reason why Only Natural was able to price Smart Pill as cheap as it is now.

  • Price score: 25/25

Readers’ Report
Our readers’ opinions regarding Smart Pill were generally mixed. Some commented that the effects were not as good as those of other brain enhancers, notably whose ingredients were synthetically produced. However, for every negative review was also a positive review, reporting the positive health benefits, presumably from the multivitamins.
Again, we shouldn’t judge a brain enhancer on its health benefits, but rather on the actual benefits on the brain. Judging a nootropic from a multivitamin perspective would be like testing an engineer on his ability to write a novel.
In a few minor cases, there were also some reports regarding a side effect – increased libido. Whether or not this matters to you or not, is on personal preference. However, we believe that that might affect overall work productivity. But then again, none of us experienced this side effect.

  • Readers’ Report score: 17/25

The Verdict
Smart Pill is a classic example that proves why all-natural is not always the best choice. Just because something is all-natural does not mean that it is better than those created synthetically. As we’ve mentioned, creating substances synthetically offers the opportunity to make those effects that are sought after more prominent, while reducing side effects. And although Smart Pill did not demonstrate any side effects (albeit, libido in some people), it isn’t as effective as some others out there. It’s not bad though. Smart Pill is a great brain enhancer that put simply, could have been better. For the price of $32.99, you get a substantial brain enhancer that also nourishes the body, and rejuvenates the brain.