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Prevagen Review

prevagen review.

While the majority of products in the nootropic world are aimed at young students or entrepreneurs seeking an extra kick of energy to maintain intense productivity and focus, there are few aimed at the ’40 years young and over’ generation… I.E. a supplement focused on enhancing memory, clarity, and mental energy.

Out of the limited options, Prevagen has grown in demand, largely due to a large marketing budget and heavy TV presence.

The question is, can it beat the best memory enhancing supplement 2017 has yet offered – our Ed’s Choice Nitrovit? Well, let’s take a look…


Prevagen was created by Quincy Bioscience – an American laboratory that has gained success for over a decade. The company promises that taking Prevagen will result in a healthier brain and a protected memory which has had many of our site visitors intrigued, and so we went ahead and researched what Prevagen is really about, and whether it’s as good as the company suggests it to be, or whether the FDA’s findings should be enough to steer us all away. Keep reading to see what we’ve discovered.

Prevagen Ingredients

Prevagen only contains one ingredient. With so many claims about the effectiveness of the product, a formula that only contains one ingredient smells a little fishy. Well funnily enough, its main ingredient is Apoaequorin – protein extracted from luminescent Jellyfish! Fishy, indeed…

This substance has only been researched to a limited extent, although some scientists do confirm that it has shown to provide mild brain function benefits.

As we age, calcium binding protein production is reduced, which tends to lead to brain cell deterioration. Apoaequorin supposedly works by binding calcium in cells, which in turn decreases damage to brain cells.

Although research continues to be controversial, Quincy Bioscience does suggest that their product will produce results within 30-90 days.

(It should be noted however that in most of the research studies already conducted however, the participants involved were ones that already experienced neural diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia causing potential concern that the product would only bring successful results to those who have come across mental illnesses, as opposed to all adults over the age of 40 – people who should perhaps be on FDA approved pharmaceutical drugs – and not dietary supplements).

Experimenting with Prevagen

To test their claim, we decided to try the product ourselves. Tested by a couple of the senior volunteers here at, they began to take the recommended dose of 1-2 pills a day, one taken in the morning and the other during the afternoon.

Although the website advises us to keep taking the product for at least 30 days to feel long-lasting results, several customers on other review sites claimed to have felt effects after 1-2 weeks of taking Prevagen. So we aimed for a 2 week trial.

Within the first week very little difference was noticed, our volunteers claiming to have experienced little of anything including short term increases to focus or mental alertness.

While some online reviewers suggested they experienced irritability and mood issues while taking prevagen, we didn’t notice that. Within two weeks, no noticeable effects were found in terms of memory enhancement, although clarity of thought seemed to be mildly improved with one volunteer stating she had felt clearer headed upon waking since starting with prevagen.


Each bottle contains 30 capsules and is sold at the price of $44.95. When following the recommended dose of 1-2 capsules per day, the bottle could last from 2 weeks up to a month. This price is fairly reasonable if you can make do with a single tablet, but comes in quite costly should you require 2.

Readers’ Report

On alone, we can see that the product has been given an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Here are a few comments:
“I took the capsules for about 10 days. After about the 6th day I started to develop small tremors in my hands. I didn’t associate the tremors with the new medication until the 10th day. At that point the tremors were noticeably visible wherein my daughter and sister remarked about my shaking hands. I stopped the medication and within 2 days the tremors ceased. According to the literature associated with this capsule, after doing research post-tremors, others have experienced this phenomenon. I have terminated this experiment and I am “back to normal.” – Thomas McGinnis


“Excellent product. I could tell the difference in just a few weeks. I have been taking Prevagen now for over a year and wouldn’t go without it. Understanding the science behind the product puts it further ahead then most over the counter products that promise to help with your memory loss.” – “SlowCooker”


“This one was an interesting try. I took it for the recommended 3+ months when I went back to college. Couldn’t say I noticed anything in particular, I was so busy. I meant to order more, but just never got around to it. The change I noticed was not alot during the 3 months I tried them, in fact, I hadn’t thought about reordering. It was the next 3-4 months that I did not use them – Wow, I could really tell I was in a fog. Once I realized I had been out of prevagen for 3-4 months, I ordered another 3 month supply and have not missed a day.” – Regena K. Whaley



Readers’ Report score: 21/25

The Verdict

Overall, online customers seem to be mixed in their views of the product, and with a lack of any real conclusive research behind the main ingredient – Apoaequorin, we still feel a little left in the dark as to its effectiveness.

We were reluctant to try the product at first, essentially because scientists have only used patients with neural diseases as their participants, which suggests that it may not produce any results for people who are just looking for an extra boost in cognitive function.

However, as you have read above, the product does seem to aid a little in terms of increasing clarity and therefore concentration levels in older people. Although none of the volunteer team here could say they experienced results in terms of memory enhancement, customers seem to have according to a handful of online reviews.

Perhaps Prevagen would be a recommended buy for those over the age of 40, if long term tests are conducted, but with competitors offering near instant improvements to memory function and mental energy and focus, there seems little point continuing beyond our trial period.

There are better out there, but Prevagen offers something worth a try perhaps.

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