Ortho Mind Review

Ortho-Mind Review

From Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR), comes Ortho-Mind, which apparently wants to become the change that we need in the nootropic industry. How are they doing it? By substituting Ginkgo Biloba in nootropics for Acetyl-L-Carnitine. This might just be what the industry needs – really?

To be honest, this isn’t really something that makes Ortho-Mind extremely special, due to the fact that Acetyl-L-Carnitine is already being used by a lot of the nootropics available out there. This doesn’t make them different. In fact, it makes them look kind of dumb. However, there are quite a lot of benefits from ALCAR as well, both long and short term.


Ortho-Mind actually contains quite a short list of ingredients – only 7 ingredients, which is 1 less than even Biohack Pure. As a matter of fact, this isn’t really their original formula. Previously mentioned, they used to have Ginkgo Biloba instead of ALCAR before they decided on the switch.

However, what inspired this switch? Well, if we take a closer look on what each ingredient does, we might just find the answer. Ginkgo Biloba is a vasodilator. This means that it helps blood flow better through the body, and with that, also the brain. When there is better blood flow to the brain, memory retention and recall is more efficient, which means that learning is efficient as well.

In contrast, ALCAR helps the brain by aiding in focus, alertness, memory, and mental energy. Ortho-Mind might just have done a good decision due to their idea to replace something that benefits the whole body with something that mainly focuses on the brain.

That said, with only 7 ingredients in their formula, Ortho-Mind is extremely potent.

Ingredients score: 23/25


Experimenting with Ortho-Mind

After having tried Biohack Pure, we, here at bestsmartpills.com, were really quite stoked to try out Ortho-Mind, due to the fact that it had one less ingredient and a possible higher potency than Biohack Pure, which was incredibly potent already.

We immediately noticed that we had to take 6 capsules of Ortho-Mind per day, as suggested on its supplement facts label. This was quite hard for us, due to our busy schedules at work. Needing to remember to take a capsule 3 times a day was hard enough already – now, Ortho-Mind’s 6, we might have a problem.

However, we started taking Ortho-Mind at a lower dosage, due to the high potency, and the possible damage and side effects that might sustain due to that amount of potency. At 4 capsules a day, we immediately noticed the extreme intensity of the mental alertness and focus brought on by Ortho-Mind. It really was quite potent, and something that we had to take for a whole 2 months. Some of us stop after a few weeks, though, simply to the sheer potency of Ortho-Mind.

Something else to note is the fact that when we were at 6 capsules a day, some of us were feeling more lethargic, as opposed to the other benefits that we’ve recently experienced.

Experimenting with Ortho-Mind score: 19/25



The price of a month’s supply of Ortho-Mind comes to a price of around $77, which is also quite high, similar to that of Biohack Pure. It almost seems as if the less ingredients a nootropic has, the more expensive it is. This isn’t completely bad, due to higher potencies in these types of nootropics.

With that being said, Ortho-Mind doesn’t come near to the best nootropic supplement available out there, but is still completely relevant. It’s a great product and might just scale to great heights with some tweaks in the future. Interestingly, there are better nootropics for a cheaper price.

That said, you won’t go wrong with Ortho-Mind.

Price score: 18/25


Readers’ Report

Judging by the amount of positive emails that we’ve received from our readers, we can say that a lot of them really enjoy Ortho-Mind. Their reports, although similar to ours, put greater emphasis on the certain type of high they were feeling throughout their duration on Ortho-Mind. They especially also praised it due to the fact that there were no side effects to be associated with Ortho-Mind. Although some of us felt lethargic, it wasn’t too widespread. Our readers didn’t experience this, though.

It almost seems as if Ortho-Mind deserved a full score from our readers. However, there were some discrepancies.

Readers’ Report score: 23/25