Nooshift Review – 94% and Smart Choice Winner

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Nooshift best smart pill, Nooshift review, Nooshift smart pill When it comes to smart pills, we know a thing or two. A century of combined experience, trial and error, and some both positive and negative outcomes testing the various individual nootropics has rewarded the team at BSP a wealth of knowledge.

This knowledge had us very excited when our eyes caught glimpse of the supplement facts label on a bottle of Nooshift, that was recently sent to us by those lovely people over at Lift Nutraceuticals.

Nooshift’s formula includes some great nootropics and isn’t really geared towards the beginner – unless the beginner is seeking an altogether elevated mental state and comfortable with heightened senses. 

Because the large majority of manufacturers opt for the cheaper plant based nootropics and large amounts of caffeine, it is often difficult finding an all-in-one formulation that packs enough potency to make it worth the cost. Nooshift is very different… 

Nooshift Smart Pill Fact Check: 

Guarantee: 1 Year Money Back (excludes shipping – though shipping free on most packages)
Ingredient Quality: High
Nootropics: Yes – 8 including Noopept, Uridine, Phosphatidylserine, Alpha GPC
Positive Online Reviews: Yes. 95% plus positive
Made in a GMP Laboratory in the USA: Yes
Price: $57.99

Coupon Codes Circulating: Yes – lift10 (Still valid as of 02/09/17)

Nooshift smart pill review, nooshift review, smart pill reviewsA closer look at the Nooshift formula and nootropics

Lift Nutraceuticals have broken Nooshift’s formula down into 3 parts:

  • Focus Matrix – designed to extend concentration time by calming minds to allow a single point of focus
  • Motivation Blend – Taurine and DMAE rid fatigue and produces a controlled energy and focus in much the way Piracetam does
  • Advanced Memory Complex – Where the magic happens! Read on…

While Lift have batched 4 very powerful nootropics under the title of a “Memory Complex”, it is these 4 nootropics that really provide the backbone of the formulation and do far more than simply serve for stronger and better memory creation and recollection.

Looking at the 239 mg proprietary blend, it was unanimous that this memory complex looks something like the Uridine coming in at around 100 – 120 mg (a very beautiful focus/motivation/productivity boosting nootropic if you haven’t tried it), the Noopept at 20 – 30 mg, Phosphatidylserine at around 100 mg and the Huperzine-A being a matter of some 100 – 300 mcg.

If the formula was too far either side of our “mg predictions” then we’d be feeling side effects. With Nooshift (when taking up to 3 capsules per day) there are no side effects. This would make this (and does) a very potent formulation itself and a great stack for enhanced cognitive functions such as decreased bottlenecking (try taking 3 Nooshift capsules and speed reading!), highly increased awareness in the form of mindfulness, an “awakening” only normally followed by the most rejuvenating of slumbers and a slightly euphoric (at higher doses), yet perfectly social mood/confidence.

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Here’s a brief explanation of each aspect of the formula taken from the Nooshift website:

HUPERZINE A – The Memory/Learning Booster 
Increases acetylcholine levels – the neurotransmitter responsible for Learning and Memory formation. Clinical trials confirmed it slows age-related memory impairment and aids Focus and Attention.

ALPHA GPC – The Ultimate Choline Source 
Alpha GPC with its high bioavailability was chosen not just for its benefits to memory, learning, and focus, but because it is a catalyser for Noopept – pairing perfectly to enhance each other’s effects.

TAURINE – The Attention Enhancer
This powerful antioxidant has shown to help with attention deficit issues and to optimize mental performance thanks to its ability to protect cells from varying types of oxidation damage (chemical).

ASHWAGANDHA – Focus Via Stress Relief
A Cortisol reducing Ayurvedic herb with soothing anti-anxiety properties that causes a reduction in thought disruption, reducing scattered thought processes and allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

This nootropic has shown in clinical studies to make giant breakthroughs by supporting aging memories, and by increasing the attention spans of healthy people. Phospha lowers Cortisol levels.

ANYTHING ELSE! – You guessed it!
As already mentioned, NooShift packs a real punch thanks to the inclusion of Noopept, Uridine, Huperzine A, and DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol).

Does Nooshift work? Nooshift Review

Is Nooshift a viable daily nootropic for optimized brain function?

It’s hard to find someone who’s tried Nooshift who disagrees – it’s a really smart formula that provides a high ROI and helps pave the way for a better version of yourself.

Our tests had better reaction times, faster memory recall, consolidation of information learned, smooth recall/verbal fluency/thought processes, and extended hours of undisturbed concentration. Our personal experiences showed Nooshift to play the role of a best friend – delivering an uncluttered “morning mind”, reduced brain fog, a wonderfully playful energy, and an inner confidence and drive that would make you want to feel this good every day.

Nooshift takes a lot of the hassle out of building your own nootropics and provides one of the best daily brain supplements that will actually have you feeling “sharper” and more switched on.

Not only would we recommend you try Nooshift, but some of us actually take it ourselves. You can add your own nootropics on top, but as a baseline nootropic brain booster for less than $2 a day, it represents incredible value when factoring in the return on investment.

Whether you suffer from ADHD, are learning new skills at night school, swatting for an exam, or simply one of the driven few looking to perform at 200% day in day out, Nooshift has your back. A great nootropic from a promising company who have a bright future a head.

Nooshift Smart Pill Summary

  • Great choice of Nootropics
  • Not the cheapest – but not the most expensive
  • Offers Immediate + Long Term results
  • Real Focus Booster for intense concentration sessions
  • 365 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • One of the most effective all-in-one formulas Score: 94%