Nitrovit Review: 97% and quite possibly the best ADHD/Focus and Memory support supplement the world of Nootropics has to offer.

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Nitrovit review

Nitrovit is an industry veteran now with 5 years under its belt, and clear proof that all supplements are not alike.

Not only does Nitrovit pack a huge 25mg of memory/learning-capacity boosting Noopept per serving, but also includes expensive (and rarely used) nootropics such as Centrophenoxine, and NALT – both great for extending the periods of time the brain can comfortably focus on a given task.

But aside from unquestionable results for anyone looking to increase their brain’s Nitrovit output, by topping up the synapses with the nutrients and amino acids so commonly lacking from the modern diet, Nitrovit delivers in other areas also:

  1. 1-Year Money Back Guarantee! So sure are Neuro Laboratories and founder Archie Marks that Nitrovit can deliver on its promise of being the number 1 nootropic stack available over the counter, that they currently offer a 1 year money back guarantee on your satisfaction – so you can try risk free.
  2. 100% Pure natural formula! Nitrovit is the only brain supplement we’ve tested that uses zero fillers, dyes, stearates and other nasties in their formula.
  3. A modern company with old fashioned values! Nitrovit was never for us… Designed and built by founder Archie Marks for his own personal ADHD, focus, and memory problems, he was talked into taking his Nitrovit formula to market by family and friends who all tried and loved the results themselves.

    Marks runs his company the way companies should… No questions guarantee, incredible customer service team on hand to answers questions from newcomers and experienced nootropics users alike, and a product that gets better every year thanks to Marks’ reliance on customer feedback.

The team at Neuro Laboratories has an extensive background in nootropics, supplements and vitamins in general, and the CEO is a lifelong devotee to the self-development/human optimization movement. He knows his stuff and charms somehow as he relays excitedly development after development within the nootropics industry in a Skype call I had with him.

Neuro laboratories now manufactures Nitrovit (and 3 other products including a pure memory aid – and a sex enhancer!) in a FDA registered facility under certified Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines. This assures quality as each Nitrovit capsule is put through a series of purity and contamination tests before being shipped to you.

Nitrovit surprised us in ways that we thought we never even thought of. Not only did it exceed our expectations, but it did so with flying colors. We were far from disappointed. Read on to find out why!

Nooshift Fact Check: 

Guarantee: 1 Year Money Back (excludes shipping – though shipping free on most packages)
Ingredient Quality: High
Nootropics: Yes – 13 including Noopept, Centrophenoxine, Phosphatidylserine, Alpha GPC, ALCAR
Positive Online Reviews: Yes. Multiple award winner
Made in a GMP Laboratory in the USA: Yes. California
Price: $58.97

Coupon Codes Circulating: Yes – bsp15 (Still valid as of 01/01/17)

Nitrovit’s Nootropic Ingredients

First and foremost, among the many products we’ve reviewed, it seems to be that the smart pill industry is already now full of super vitamins that are added into the mix, offering a pill that may have up to 60 ingredients. This may sound extremely attractive to the average user, however, do you really feel okay with having a fraction of your money that you’re spending for enhanced cognition nootropics, used for cheap multivitamins instead?

The average pill is only 750mg. If 300mg of that was full of multivitamins, how much of the pill actually goes toward enhancing your brain? We’ve noticed that many nootropic supplements are either extremely ineffective or require you to take multiple (as many as 8!) a day. This is unacceptable. Nitrovit excels in this aspect. It throws away everything that isn’t necessary in the pursuit of absolute brainpower. You need your daily intake of Vitamin C? Take a Centrum. This is the attitude that we just love about Nitrovit.

In fact, their new, upgraded formula includes 13 EXPLOSIVE nootropic ingredients that allow maximum potency. Their supplement facts is an impressive one so hold on to your horses. A serving of Nitrovit gives you:

Nitrovit Supplement Facts


 Nerve ImpulsesNoopept + Huperzine A.

If you take the time to read our reviews on other nootropic products, you’ll notice that a very popular blend is Vinpocetine + Huperzine A. Why? Well, let us be frank and tell you that these two do actually combine quite well to improve mental performance.

However, when compared directly to a grade-A nootropic such as Noopept, its mechanisms of action on the brain are not nearly as effective or successful. But since the combo is fairly cheap, a lot of companies will choose it over a combo such as Noopept + Huperzine A.

Noopept is a type of dipeptide with high bioavailability, meaning it can enter the bloodstream and be transported to the brain without difficulty. It first works on AMPA and NMDA receptors, which are involved in brain plasticity and synapse formation.

Noopept meets with these receptors, making them more sensitive and improving our ability to learn, store, and recall information. Noopept also monitors the production of serotonin and dopamine (both neurotransmitters that moderate your mood and feelings of pleasure), meaning you can (gradually) say goodbye to those mood swings. Mixed with Huperzine A, the master of acetylcholine production, potential benefits include significant improvements to memory recall and learning skills.


Nerve Impulses 2Acetyl L-Carnitine

We have seen some pretty good cognitive boosting formulas in our time, but this one is truly a game-changer. ALCAR (Acetyl L-Carnitine) is a compound designed specifically to target fatigue and increase mental energy.

It works well on its own and we have noticed that it is frequently paired with either fitness-boosting ingredients (i.e. Creatine, BCAA’s,etc.) or generic vitamins (i.e. Omega-3 complex).

But never have we seen a company so bold and perceptive to combine ALCAR with high-ranked nootropics like Noopept or Huperzine A. Nitrovit’s unique choice of ingredients explains why it’s earned its place as our Editors’ top ranked supplement.

Ingredients score: 25/25


Experimenting with Nitrovit

Our bottles of Nitrovit came in through the mail 8 weeks ago and we’ve been on it ever since. For starters, the effects kicked in just 30 minutes! after taking the first pill. Our team reported feeling extremely focused and motivated, but not in a way that was overly hyperactive.

Additionally, our monthly quotas showed us something we did not expect – most of them were met only 3 weeks into the month. Notably, Nitrovit keeps your brain humming like a well-oiled engine even up to 5 hours after taking the pill. Another convenience is that it has a recommended dose of 2 pills a day, which isn’t annoying for people who aren’t fond of high maintenance.

During our experiment that lasted 2 months, we could confirm that Nitrovit had substantially aided in faster memory recall, memory focus, and even productivity. In fact, towards the end of the 2 month, productivity was up by 33% higher than usual. That’s much higher than the 27% increase in productivity at the 5-week mark. We believe that Nitrovit belongs to the group of nootropics that is able to bring out an improvement in effects over time.

Experimenting with Nitrovit score: 24/25


Free Shipping Sign

The Best Nitrovit Price + Nitrovit Coupon

There have been so many instances where we’ve been pleased by the cheap price of a bottle of supplements, only to find out that the bottle only lasts a few days. For example, Neuro-Natural Recall costs around $42 per bottle of 90. That’s quite cheap! Little did we know that a bottle lasted only a couple of weeks due to the daily dosage being 6-8! In reality, a month’s supply cost over $90. Nitrovit does not have this problem.

Besides it’s $58.98 ONE-TIME bottle purchase, the company offers a variety of sales and promotions to keep you and your wallet happy. You can get a 90-day pack, which includes 3 bottles each at $39.99. This option also comes with free shipping and a years guarantee!

Furthermore, we have taken the opportunity (limited time!) to capture a coupon code, providing our readers with an additional 15% discount on ANY and ALL purchases from Nitrovit’s online store. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to receive the code!

Price score: 24/25

Readers’ Report

It was clear that everyone in the office liked Nitrovit’s original formula. So when we presented to them the company’s new blend, they were startled as to why anyone would work on something so great. The results explained it all…

Nitrovit’s results don’t just come in quantity, they also prove themselves in terms of quality. What do we mean by this? If you’re in the search for the best nootropic supplement and are willing to try out a bunch (aka doing pretty much what we do here!), you’ll see that most supplements work quite well in the short-term.

You take a tablet, feel a little caffeine-buzz for the first four hours, get some work done and call it a productivity boost. But after using that same supplement for the next few months, you’ll start to notice that you aren’t getting the same ‘high’ anymore. That’s because they offer no long-term benefits.

Nitrovit’s ability to enhance memory recall, increase the length of focus times, improve mental clarity and reduce anxiety is present in both short and long-term, which shows the purity and true effectiveness of the results.[-


Nitrovit Summary

  • Noticeable to improvements to Focus, Mental Awareness, Immediate Memory Recall, and waking fresh
  • Exceptional Quality Nootropic Ingredients
  • Affordable Price Range (Bonus: Free Shipping!-“90 Day Pack”)
  • Website features 50 REAl and full testimonials with clients name and address
  • Immediate + Long Term Memory results from Noopept ingredient in Nitrovit
  • Lack of side effects (Based off of our experiences)
  • 1-Year Money Back Guarantee
  • Low Maintenance (Dosage Wise)

Readers’ Report score: 24/25