NITROamp Review 89%

While it may seem that NITROamp is just but a simple caffeine pill serving as a supplement stack for the cognitive enhancer NITROvit, it is actually a whole lot more than that. NITROamp is Neuro Laboratories’ second product, which launched only shortly after NITROvit. It is being highly pushed as a supplement stack, being claimed to truly give you the “NITROvit experience”.

What’s behind this supplement stack though? And what can it really do to further enhance an experience with nootropics? Well, as the saying goes, “there is more than meets the eye.” NITROamp does not only provide a solid boost in energy (after all, it is a caffeine pill), but interestingly, it also exhibits some positive influences on the brain as well. Caffeine by itself should boost focus and alertness already by itself, but when we tested it, the effects were a little better than we expected. There really is some interesting science behind it, so read on!


NITROamp, unlike many of the other cognitive enhancers we’ve reviewed here, was not made with being a typical cognitive enhancer in mind. It’s only a very modest 200mg per capsule, and the manufacturers even claim that you only need to take NITROamp as you want, not needing to be constantly on it every day.

The ingredients in its formula are super-simple: it’s a split between 100mg Caffeine Anhydrous and 100mg L-Theanine.

Caffeine in itself is a mild stimulant or “upper”, giving you a short-term boost in energy, alertness, and focus. Its effects don’t last a long time, but you definitely do feel it. The problem with most caffeine sources though is the side effects that you eventually get from it. These side effects include anxiety, jitters, and a not-so-pleasant caffeine crash a few hours later.

Notice I mentioned “most”. That’s because NITROamp isn’t like most other sources of caffeine. Its second ingredient, L-Theanine, has soothing properties that negate all the negative side effects from typical caffeine use. You don’t get the anxiety, the jitters, or the crash. L-Theanine keeps you at a calm state of mind, making you overall more positive.

What’s interesting though – what many people don’t know, is that when used in combination with each other, these ingredients have synergistic effects, and on top of what you already benefit from, you also get wild boosts to your brain’s ability to solve problems, analyze and process information, and retain information.

Ingredients score: 22%

Experimenting with NITROamp

To give it a fair go, since it isn’t really a standalone supplement, the most of us took it while supplementing with NITROvit, with only a couple of us reviewers testing it as it is.

We have to admit: NITROamp was a little intense from the get-go. You could definitely feel the caffeine working, and for a while, we didn’t actually feel any different from just taking NITROvit by itself, aside from the added energy. It felt a lot like just having taken a NITROvit, and then downing the capsule with a good old cup of Joe. But that was just the beginning.

Later into our tests, at around the beginning of third week (15 days or so), we did start noticing a higher boost in not just focus, but mindset. You could feel that you actually wanted to do work, to get things done, to go to the gym. NITROamp seems to give you that “can-do” mindset. This was great as it seemed that among all of us testing the supplement, everyone seemed a lot more self-motivated – which is always good for work.

In terms of improved memory, NITROamp does help. While it wasn’t as evident to those of us taking NITROvit as well, those who only took NITROamp noted being able to remember small bits of information and trivia here and there – mostly even things that they’ve never put thought to. An interesting effect, no doubt!

All in all, there were absolutely no side effects from taking NITROamp, which made the whole experience all the more enjoyable.

Experimenting with NITROamp score: 23%


NITROamp comes at a whopping-ly inexpensive $19.97 for TWO months’ supply. The manufacturer claims you only really need to take one capsule a day, but you can take two if you would like. This is an extremely affordable offering in our opinion, not just for the fact that it is also a brain enhancer, but simply that at that price, it’s only a fourth the price of coffee.

It isn’t fair to compare NITROamp to the many other products we’ve tested before, but nevertheless, the benefits are many, and the costs are cheap. That’s green and green in our books!

Price score: 23%

Readers’ Report

Reader scores online and those submitted to us were a little bit mixed. Some of them complained that it is nothing more than a caffeine pill and that it was a waste of money, but equally, there were a lot more positive reviews as well, touching on some of the points that we’ve discussed.

One surprising trend we’ve noticed with NITROamp though, is that those who rated it negatively, more often than not, have actually only tried the product once or twice! Again, while NITROamp might also have some nootropic properties, they aren’t going to be immediate and won’t be noticeable off the bat. It takes time for the effects to build up in the body. You aren’t going to make a discovery. You’ll just one day notice that it had already happened.

Due to this, we had to disqualify all reviews that showed that they had not tested NITROamp for at least a period of 14 days.

Readers’ Report score: 21%

The Verdict

NITROamp, although promising to only give you some mild boosts in “clean energy” while not showing any of the negatives associated with caffeine and stimulant use, manages to deliver so much more than that. It not only gives you the energy and focus benefits of Caffeine Anhydrous and the soothing and calming benefits of L-Theanine, but through their special combination, you get amazing nootropic benefits too that you never would expect. In our trials, while the effects were not evident immediately, they did become present over the period of two weeks. On top of that, no side effects whatsoever. And while the negative comments toward it are that “it’s just a caffeine pill”, the thing to remember is that it’s still an amazingly inexpensive caffeine supplement, and if all the benefits to the brain weren’t there, it would still be a steal.