Neuro Optimizer Review

Neuro Optimizer Review

From Jarrow Formulas, Neuro Optimizer makes itself different from many of their other competitors and the other nootropic supplements out there by marketing themselves as not only a comprehensive brain capsule, but also in that it claims to have the ingredients inside to not only clean the brain, but enhance the brain for metabolism.

Being only one of the few pharmaceuticals to market their product to this sort of feat, we haven’t seen something like this before, and to this, Neuro Optimizer stands out among the rest.

Aside from just the boost in brain power, Neuro Optimizer also claims nutrition for the brain, increased metabolism, and antioxidant protection.

However, among the other nootropics, whose goal is to provide absolute clear focus, boosts in memory retention and recall, and aided learning, how does Neuro Optimizer compare?


It is quite interesting that there are only a very small amount of ingredients in Neuro Optimizer. 7 – it’s a number that we’ve never seen before in a nootropic. Most manufacturers today try to jam their pills and capsules with as many ingredients that they can. Often including a lot of unnecessary minerals and vitamins that do not have any direct effect to increases to absolute cognitive function – something that we’re absolutely looking for. In a 750mg pill, we want the most bang for our buck in terms of the ratio between ingredient potency and pill capacity.

Most of the products we’ve given great reviews, in fact, only have around 10-15 ingredients. Again, Neuro Optimizer has 7. Less is more, they say, but will a drastic reduction still prove beneficial effects?

Neuro Optimizer’s lineup of ingredients contain some of the things you would normally on most of the best nootropic products out there. A few that might come to mind are Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL, L-Glutamine, and Phoshatidylserine.

It was interesting to see Taurine in the mix, though. For those that are unaware, taurine is used for the treatment of congestive heart failure, as well as hepatitis. There has been research about possible effects for mental performance, however, there is insufficient evidence that taurine does anything to affect mental performance. So, we were quite surprised why that was included in the Neuro Optimizer mix, instead of something that would have been a more reliable ingredient, like Huperzine A, for example. To be honest, we weren’t sure if they put it there for the heart and liver benefits, or for the possibility of added mental performance. It just seemed strange.

By the way, Neuro Optimizer contains soy. Please be advised.

Ingredients score: 22/25


Experimenting with Neuro Optimizer

We were able to order our batch of Neuro Optimizer from at a 50% discount, so if you’re able to do so as well, why not? Seriously, though, why not?

We had quite a time testing this product throughout our 8-week testing period. At day 1, most of the team didn’t report any findings. It seemed as if the pill didn’t really work, or were out of date – they were on discount after all! However, they were not out of date, and were in fact just 3 months past the manufacturing date.

We still continued to take the pill, though. It wasn’t until after 2 or 3 weeks into the 8-week experiment before some of us noticed the change. It seemed as if the changes were very gradual, and took time to really kick in. This is something that we’ve also experienced with several other nootropics.

You shouldn’t stop just after not feeling anything after a few weeks. In fact, sometimes it may take up to a few months before the effects of nootropics really kick in. However, many times, we ourselves don’t even feel the effects of nootropics due to their gradual buildup, like in the case of Neuro Optimizer. The added benefits increase slowly every day, and therefore, we aren’t susceptible to notice these changes.

It did take effect, though, as when we came off of it after the 8th week, we felt bad. It wasn’t any sort of crash, though. We just felt… normal. As if we’ve been slowly been adding increased mental performance over the course of 8 weeks, and suddenly just stopped. It was a dip in the mental capacities, after being used to (although unaware) increased brain power. It was after coming off of it that we realized the great effects it put in for us.

Experimenting with Neuro Optimizer score: 22/25



Neuro Optimizer carries one of the best price tags we’ve seen. It’s only $50 a month. So many companies have a very low price per bottle, howeer, unbeknownst to most customers, is that their products’ daily dosage is up to 3-4 up to sometimes 6-8 in a day. It’s a little excessive, and sometimes those 8 in a day renders your 90 pill bottle gone in 10 days.

The opposite can be said for Neuro Optimizer. At the price of $50 a month, it contains 120 pills, taken 3-4 times a day. So effectively, that bottle of 120 could last you a month or longer. This is one of the cheaper prices out there, with its competitors slightly or more expensive than Neuro Optimizer.

However, we do not like the fact that you need to take 3-4 pills a day. When you have an extremely busy schedule, have trouble remembering things, or are an ADHD sufferer, this becomes very inconvenient, as you might forget to take their pill at certain times of the day. In comparison, we love Nitrovit and Alpha Brain’s 2 pills a day recommendation. That should be the standard.
Still, at $50, it is a steal.

Price score: 25/25


Readers’ Report

Yes, our beloved readers – they’ve also had some very interesting insights onto Neuro Optimizer that we might have missed.

They report that the effects from Neuro Optimizer kicks in after a while, not like the sudden kick that you get from Alpha Brain and NITROvit. However, we have been generally receiving positive reviews from our readers about Neuro Optimizer, though. In every 3 or 4 emails about Alpha Brain, we receive one about Neuro Optimizer.

Our readers have reported a variety of good things about Neuro Optimizer. Aside from the obvious aids to memory, focus, and learning, we’ve also heard reports about increased stamina, an overall better mood, and some even report improved relationships with their loved ones as a result of taking Neuro Optimizer. Obviously, we can’t say whether some of these claims are true or false, but these are a collection of the amount of emails we’ve received.

Additionally, we’ve also received a few complaints about digestive problems as a result to Neuro Optimizer. However, we believe that this might be a result of someone being allergic or indigestive to soy, something contained in Neuro Optimizer.

Overall, these results are in line to those that have come from our team here at

Readers’ Report score: 20/25