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Neuro Luma Review


Neuro Luma is a cognitive enhancing supplement that, like many, promises to prevent cognitive decline by improving memory recall in the short and long term, increasing focus, bettering mood, and boosting energy levels. Since we have received lots of requests from our readers to write up a review on this product, we assume that Neuro Luma has gained a lot of popularity over the past few months, making it what seems to be a worthwhile investment.

Despite the growth of interest in the product, we’ve come to realize through research that Neuro Luma is somewhat of a questionable supplement ­– and here’s why: just from a quick browse on Google on Neuro Luma, you’ll find that every single review site has released extremely positive evaluations about the product. While this may suggest that the product excels in all the aspects it claims to achieve, it’s very uncommon for products to be rated 5 out of 5 stars by everyone. Typically, a few customers would write up reviews confessing that they didn’t feel anything after using a cognitive enhancer, or that it even caused negative side effects. Yes, even with the absolute BEST products in the market, there are still people who are not pleased with their purchase. This is because every product works differently on every person. Each individual differs in one way or another, whether it may be having a unique immune system, a particular mental condition or even just a distinctive diet. For this reason, we were more than shocked when we saw that all the reviews on Neuro Luma that are available on the web unite to say that it is unarguably a top-notch product.

Another observation that came across quite clearly was that all the sites that provided good reviews on Neuro Luma (i.e.,, and showed the exact same landing page:

Neuro Luma Review

Neuro Luma Review


While we appreciate Neuro Luma’s marketing efforts, we must admit that this landing page is a bit too in-your-face. With phrases such as “RUSH MY ORDER” and “GET YOURS NOW!!”, we can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed. Clearly, the landing page is attempting to seduce us into giving them our information without an exchange of details in return. May I politely point out that Neuro Luma’s website has not mentioned any of the ingredients included in the product, nor does it provide us with the price of each bottle.

Additionally, along the bottom of Neuro Luma’s landing page we can see they’ve stated that the product has been featured on The New York Times, Daily News, and even CNN Health. When we try to find those articles, however, it seems that none of them are available. We understand that to be able to have a product advertised on these esteemed news companies takes at least half a million dollars (yes, seriously!). So it was quite shocking to see that Neuro Luma has made these astonishing claims. On behalf of the entire team here at, I must say that we are concerned.

Nonetheless, as we do with all products, going through the ingredients and customer reviews is absolutely essential before reaching a conclusion. Read on to see what we’ve discovered.


As aforementioned, Neuro Luma does not disclose any information about their ingredients on their official website. has mentioned that the product contains phosphatidylcholine – a mediocre nootropic that has limited research to support its claims. While we would love to be able to provide our readers with a detailed description of Neuro Luma’s formula, we unfortunately cannot, due to the company’s decision to protect information regarding the formula from the public.

o   Ingredients score: 5/25

Experimenting with Neuro Luma

We did not feel that it was necessary to experiment with the product, particularly because our testers felt uncomfortable about taking a supplement with unknown ingredients.

o    Experimenting with Neuro Luma score: 5/25


Neuro Luma’s 1-bottle sample package costs $53.98 for 90 capsules. Although this price is fairly reasonable, we do not feel that $647.76 per year would match the average person’s budget for a nootropic supplement.

o   Price score: 20/25

Readers’ Report

When searching for customer reviews on and, we found out that the product is unavailable for purchase on these online platforms. Neuro Luma’s website does not offer any testimonials either, making it difficult for us to see what other people’s experiences have been with the product.

o    Readers’ Report score: 10/25

The Verdict

Even though Neuro Luma has a lot of powerful advertisements plastered on various sites across the web, we advise that you contact the company to acquire more information before making a purchase. To be blunt, the lack of information available on Neuro Luma makes us wonder whether they’re a genuine company or just a bunch of credit card spankers working behind a cool label.

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