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Mind Nutrition DMAE 80%DMAE-Review

DMAE is one of the nootropic supplements that Mind Nutrition offers. Mind Nutrition is an “expert” at, most obviously, mind nutrition, encompassing brain enhancement supplements, nootropics, and all supplements alike that allow peak performance in the brain.

Mind Nutrition recognizes that there are two types of people in search of brain enhancers: those who like to take a single pill or capsule that combines many different key nootropic ingredients, that can be taken twice a day for optimum results, or those who would rather pick each and every single nootropic ingredient they want to add to their nootropic stack. While some of our readers are of the former kind, we’ve been increasingly noticing that a number of our readers are also of the stacking kind. Mind Nutrition’s DMAE is of that sort.

Please be aware that Mind Nutrition only offers some of its products depending on region (US & Canada / UK & Worldwide), so if DMAE is not available to you, it might be because of your region.


The only ingredient in Mind Nutrition’s DMAE is most obviously, DMAE, which is in a 250mg capsule. In numerous studies, there have been quite a lot of positive effects documented, associated with the use of DMAE. Such include an increase for memory, intelligence, and energy. In a few cases, it has even been shown to help against the symptoms of ADD/ ADHD, and even the prolonging of life.

Aside from that, however, there has been substantial evidence that suggests the side effects with DMAE. Some of these studies show that side effects include possible cognitive impairment with its use. Additionally, a recent study from Canada has shown that the use of DMAE has been associated to increased cell death. In another news report, people from Australia have seemed to die due to overdosing on DMAE.

Subsequently, DMAE’s use has been banned in both Canada and Australia, and there have been rumors that its banning will soon follow suit in the US.

  • Ingredients score: 10/25

Experimenting with DMAE
Here in the US, it was quite easy getting our hands on a bottle of DMAE. When we asked a local pharmacy on their opinions regarding DMAE, they simply said “get it now before it’s banned.” With this in mind, you could say we were quite a bit reluctant. We only took DMAE, unstacked, and without any other supplements.

In the beginning, we didn’t feel any immediate effects. Or rather, they weren’t that apparently out there, like many other nootropics that we’ve tried before. Instead, the majority of us were only able to notice the effects 2-3 hours after taking DMAE, while already at work. The very foremost apparent thing to notice was an increase in mood, as well as a slight increase in focus shortly after. This went on for most of our testing period.

Towards the end of our 8-week experiment, most of us were reportedly a bit more sharp-witted, and quicker, when it came to solving problems.

Luckily, none of us experienced any of the side effects previously mentioned. However, that may not be the case if the experiment lasted longer.

  • Experimenting with DMAE score: 25/25


The price of a bottle of Mind Nutrtition’s 90-count bottle of DMAE is $12. The 90-count bottle will last you anywhere from 1 to 3 months, depending on daily dosage. However, if we go on a 2-capsule average, as prescribed by Mind Nutrition, the bottle should last for around 45 days.

It’s notable to mention that when looking for complete brain enhancing effects, most people would not only supplement with DMAE, but with others like ALCAR, Alpha GPC, and Piracetam, as well in a nootropic stack, and therefore might collectively cost more than say, a $60 bottle that will last for a month.

Compared to other single-ingredient nootropic supplements, though, $12 is a pretty cheap price.

  • Price score: 24/25

Readers’ Report

Most of our readers report high increases to focus with DMAE, helping them cope with Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms. Additionally, those who do not suffer from attention disorders also claim increased focus on DMAE. Other reports include DMAE’s effects on memory, from some who have claimed to have been using DMAE for the last 1-3 years. In some reports, readers note being able to get better gym performance with its use. From the US, there haven’t really been any negative reviews concerning DMAE use.

In other countries, though, opinions differ, with some calling it amazing, while many others, not-so-much. It was actually a Canadian reader who noted to us DMAE’s banning and other side effects. Overall, it seems that the countries outside America are pretty much against its use.

  • Readers’ Report score: 21/25

The Verdict
Mind Nutriton’s DMAE brings an interesting cause towards the use of such a controversial nootropic. Many love it; however, equally, many abroad hate it as well. It does demonstrate some great effects in terms of focus and memory, as well as mood. However, our tests did not span long enough for us to notice any remarkably large benefits in terms of memory – only an overall sense of clarity and sharpness of mind. This also brings us to the alarming side effects associated with its use. While we did not experience it in our 8-weeks on DMAE, we do not dispute any of the claims by Canadian researchers. For the price of $12 for a supply that might last up to 3 months, DMAE is pretty cheap. However, you need to add some other costs as well from other nootropic supplements, which might collectively equate to a larger cost than say, Alpha Brain or NITROvit, with their extremely attractive price tags. Overall, we liked DMAE. However, the underlying scientific proof might just sway us away from trying it again.