Mind Formula 79%

MIND Formula Review

Mind Formula Review

Mind Formula comes from Pomology, a company that seems to be taking all of their products – pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical – with a certain niche: a focus on fruits. Yes, Pomology has fruity formulas. (Forgive us, we couldn’t help it.)

Mind Formula is put under one of the tabs named “The Science of Fruit” on their website, and with this, Mind Formula is a nootropic that’s similar to other nootropics in most of the ingredients that they’ve included in their formula. Most. Some of the ingredients that they’ve included aren’t actually commonplace in most of the nootropics we’ve seen before, basically due to them not being the mainstream ingredients. Are they better than those used by others, though?

More interestingly, are the effects of Mind Formula better than those found in the other nootropics available on the market?

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Pomology’s Mind Formula, as we mentioned, actually contains a lot of the ingredients that are available on most other nootropics out there, most notably, they have Acetyl-L-Carnitine, DHA, and Ginkgo Biloba – all of which work together to produce the brain enhancing effects of concentration, focus, and learning capabilities to which nootropics are highly known for.

Aside from those which are already evident, though, Mind Formula also contains a couple ingredients that aren’t commonplace in most nootropics: those two ingredients being Pomegranate extract and Ashwaganda extract.

For those of you who haven’t heard of these ingredients before, Ashwaganda calms the brain, reduces blood pressure, and inflammation, which helps the brain stay calm despite the intense focus that nootropics offer. On the other hand, Pomegranate extract, on the other hand, works as an antioxidant, similar to Ginkgo Biloba in that it works to help clean the blood, which means that it allows better blood flow to the brain, allowing better memory retention and recall, which works overall to allow increased learning capabilities.

Ingredients score: 19/25

Experimenting with Mind Formula

You can imagine the amount of excitement and skepticism taking a nootropic that had its ingredients taken out for fruit ingredients would get in the office here at bestsmartpills.com. A lot of us were genuinely curious on the effects and what it will do overall to our bodies.

This was all put to rest immediately after we started trying Mind Formula, though. What was immediately apparent was that Mind Formula seemed to work cleaner than most other nootropics available out there. In a way, it felt like going through a detox or a juice cleanse.

There were quite a few observable boosts to brain function in some of us. Admittedly, some of us didn’t feel like they were really working, though. However, there were still some good comments on it from our side, and although our tests ended up in most of us claiming some positive effects to an extent, it wasn’t all too exceptional. Yes, Mind Formula works – not just as much as we thought it would.

Experimenting with Mind Formula score: 16/25


You can get Mind Formula for the extremely cheap price of $12.29 for a bottle of 60 capsules. At their 2-a-day dosage, Mind Formula might just actually be one of the cheapest nootropics we’ve reviewed. The price is extremely cheap, even for the mediocre amount of effects that it demonstrates.

It was really hard to ignore that price, which meant that even if you doubled up on the dosage to get a higher levels of effects, it meant that you’d still be spending half of around what normal nootropics would go for.

Anyone within a budget should consider Mind Formula for its extremely cheap price, meaning that it does offer quite a lot for the small price of around 20 cents per capsule.

Other nootropics, beware: Pomology’s extremely competitive price is out to get you.

Price score: 25/25

Readers’ Report

We found that most of the review regarding Pomology’s Mind Formula sent to us were a mixed lot. There were still quite a few reviews that were a bit negative regarding Mind Formula, though. The problem was that a lot of the ingredients just didn’t work for some of the people trying them out. There really was no difference, and if any, were negligible due to it being an inferior product compared to some of the better ootropics out there.

However, there were still other people commenting about the extremely attractive price tag that Mind Formula offers, which was an extremely large factor for those buying which influenced their decision.

Readers’ Report score: 19/25

The Verdict

Pomology’s Mind Formula seems to be introducing quite a unique niche to brain enhancement industry, by introducing a product that has a focus on ingredients extracted from fruits. They must really appeal to those people who try to keep extremely healthy. This in itself is quite flawed, though, due to most people actually being able to discern easily that nootropics are mostly non harmful, obviously depending on what ingredients have been put in it. Interestingly, Mind Formula also works as a kind of detox, allowing your body to be able to cleanse itself while your brain becomes better. It doesn’t get all that much better, though. If we had to give a number, it would probably be a 5% boost, which is very generous, in our opinion. That said, it has an extremely attractive price tag, and to all those in a budget, Mind Formula might just be the one for you.