Lucidal 82%

Lucidal Review

Lucidal Review

Ever heard of Dr. Larry Cleary’s secret formula? It’s called Lucidal. With his countless years as a doctor, it’s claimed to be the answer to people wishing to enhance their brain function. It also claims to be able to aid memory problems, especially those who are aging and those suffering from related brain disorders.

Truly, it does well at what it’s supposed to do. However, we did find some things that we didn’t like with Lucidal, which has affected its score pretty badly. It does work well on what it says it should do. It was surprising that although a lot of the ingredients here do not really have any nootropic purpose, Lucidal still performed pretty well – a lot better than we expected. Everyone here at were quite surprised, to be honest.

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Lucidal actually contains quite a few ingredients. Oh, did we say quite a few? That was a bit of an understatement. Dr. Larry Cleary’s Lucidal actually contains around 45 ingredients – which is A LOT. Normally, most nootropics will contain only around 10-20 ingredients, the latter number being at the end of the straw.

What does Lucidal contain, though? Well, just about every multivitamin and nutrient available out there. The vitamin alphabet, as we like to call it – containing every sort of vitamin available out there on the market. This, in theory, might have exceptional applications, but the fact of the matter is that these ingredients negatively affect the overall potency of the other ingredients in the Lucidal. More ingredients means less potency.

Another thing to consider is the amount of ingredients located in their “proprietary blend,” which is quite a lot. 30 ingredients, which are all purportedly beneficial toward nootropic effects, aiding the brain. We took a look at it, and can say that only around 10 of those were completely necessary. What is happening now is that each of these ingredients have a lesser role to play due to decreased ingredient potency.

Ingredients score: 14/25

Experimenting with Lucidal

A lot of us here at were actually really wary about Lucidal and its effects due to the amount of ingredients that it contains. We honestly didn’t want to take Lucidal, frightened even.

However, for our readers, we did. And we can say that Lucidal absolutely, positively, works. We were extremely surprised because due to our preliminary predictions, we didn’t expect it to. We expected nothing but side effects. However, it seems as if Dr. Cleary is a pretty wise guy. These effects were really evident in memory and focus, which affected all of us who tried it. One thing to note is that it did flatten out at one point, only to take second wind after slight tweaks to the recommended dosages.

Interestingly enough, there were absolutely no side effects from Lucidal, except from the occasional headache which is associated with most uses of nootropics. Note that we didn’t go above the recommended dosages, though, due to fear of side effects if we did. With that many ingredients, it would be weird if it did not have any.

Experimenting with Lucidal: 23/25


The price of Lucidal comes in at around $74.99 per month for a supply of 90 capsules. Then again, this amount would vary depending on the amount of capsules you take per day. If you take less, then it might just last you two months, or maybe even three months. Everyone’s body is different, and in some of us who tested it, it actually lasted for around 2 months.

This is good news since that actually means that those who use it less will be able to save more money. However, for those who want to take it at a higher dose, you’ll find that you’ll be spending much more money on it than the other supplements available out there. It’s much higher than the average price for the nootropics we’ve rated high, which is around $56.

Price score: 22/25

Readers’ Report

We’ve received quite a few reviews regarding Lucidal, however, most of them have been positive. One of them attested to being able to recover better after a concussion, while others simply comment on the amazing memory and focus benefits that it allows for them. There were only a few people who complained on headaches, but we couldn’t associate this with Lucidal due to the fact that this occurs with almost every nootropic available on the market.

However, there was a case where Lucidal wasn’t working, to which after exchanging a few emails and recommending a better intake regimen, rated it higher than before.

Readers’ Report score: 23/25

The Verdict

Dr. Larry Cleary obviously knows what he’s doing with the formulation of Lucidal. It’s a notropic that isn’t supposed to work, but it does. Despite the inclusion of almost 50 ingredients in their formula, Lucidal does a pretty good job at being one of the better nootropoics out there. We were really quite surprised that it worked the way it did – something that wasn’t even in the question to begin with. Our preliminary conclusions were kicked out of the park by the results of our testing, which showed us exceptional results. At the price of around $75 a month, it’s quite expensive, but this number might be less depending on your personal requirements. However, there are still more expensive nootropics out there that do not work just as well. This is in no way the best nootropic, but if you’re looking for a good one, and have a little extra money to throw away, Lucidal might be for you.