Ginkgo Smart Review

Ginkgo Smart Review

What the name might lead you to believe is that Ginkgo Smart is strictly a Ginkgo Biloba supplement. Then again, why would you be surprised? Ginkgo Biloba is one of the most popular, and highest sold supplement here in the US. The thing is, though, that Ginkgo Smart is that and so much more.

Don’t let the name mislead you, Ginkgo Smart is so much more than what it appears to be. Its ingredients contain some nootropic properties allowing its user the common brain enhancing benefits available to most other nootropics available on the market. Whether that was a hidden agenda or some sort of marketing move due to Ginkgo’s popularity, we aren’t sure. However, some of us have already tried it here at and have attested to its greatness, but we haven’t had the chance to actually review it.


Again, as we’ve mentioned earlier, Ginkgo Smart isn’t just about Ginkgo Biloba. It does contain it, and in fact, it does so in very high amounts. But if you get the chance to look at its supplement facts label, you’ll see that it contains nootropic ingredients as well. To name a few, it also contains Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic, and Vinpocetine – all of which contain brain enhancing properties and are common to other nootropics.

However, what’s most noticeable is the fact that although these ingredients are present in Ginkgo Smart’s list of ingredients, they’re included in pretty low dosages – around half, give or take, of what they should be. This is due to Ginkgo Biloba being included in such high quantities, which is around 5 times the amount found in most other nootroopics.

But if the brain enhancing ingredients are reduced that much, does it affect the overall potency of the product? No. Ginkgo is a vasodilator, which means that it helps overall blood movement in the body, which in turn, allows more and more clean and unrestricted blood to the brain, which allows easier an easier flow of information. This means that memory recall and consolidation in the brain becomes much more efficient, allowing overall learning to be better in general.

Ingredients score: 21/25


Experimenting with Ginkgo Smart

A few of us here at have already tried Ginkgo Smart, and as a result, were quite stoked when they heard the news of being able to try it out. Most of them have had positive results from it, and were feeling quite excited to be able to get them for free.

What really shocked some of us was that Ginkgo Smart was quite quick to demonstrate its effects – around 15 minutes after taking it. Everyone was able to attest to the high sense of focus and productivity that Ginkgo Smart was allowing us. Furthermore, the effects lasted for a good 3-4 hours before subsiding. At the end of the day, we were quite pleased.

What’s even more interesting, however, were the effects of Ginkgo Smart after a couple months of usage. What we found was that we were able to use vocabulary that we weren’t aware of before, and even easily remember things that have been said up to two weeks ago. This hinted at the learning capabilities allowed by Ginkgo Smart, due to the vasodilator effects Ginkgo has.

Experimenting with Ginkgo Smart score: 22/25



If you look at the price of Ginkgo Smart from their online store at Irwin Naturals, you’ll find that it costs around only $20.99, which is quite amazingly one of the cheapest nootropics that we’ve come across. Being a Ginkgo Biloba supplement at heart, it has to be cheap to be able to compete with some of the other Ginkgo Biloba supplements out there. This is a good thing for those who wish to take this as a nootropic supplement, because it’s much cheaper than the other alternatives available out there.

However, the amount of money you’ll be spending a month will depend on the amount of it you’ll be taking per day. The bottle only contains 30 softgels, so at 1 a day, it’s $20.99, and at 2 a day, it’s $41.98.

Even if you were taking 2 a day, it still wouldn’t be a bad deal due to most nootropics, at least the good ones, being at around $50 a month.

Price score: 24/25


Readers’ Report

We got a generally good amount of positive reviews about Ginkgo Smart. A lot of them were positive, with only a handful of negative reviews. It seems like a lot of people have realized that it’s actually a good nootropic supplement, and not only a Ginkgo Biloba supplement.

Most of our readers have sent in reports on how great it really is, chiming in on the same types of results that we’ve had from us testing Ginkgo Smart.

However, notably, there was one email with a negative review commenting that they got a major case of diarrhea as a result of taking Ginkgo Smart. This, is true, though. Diarrhea is one of the side effects of Ginkgo Smart, and readers should be wary.

Readers’ Report score: 20/25