Excelerol Review


If you’re an avid fan of brain enhancers, then you must have definitely heard of Excelerol before. It’s one of the industry’s giants, and standing proof that even a nootropic can start stealing market share away from the large, corporate giants Adderall. It’s arguable one of the most popular brain enhancers at the moment, and boasts a very large following, rivaled only by few others like Alpha Brain.

However, in Excelerol’s front end is a not-so-pretty website, often lacking in description and details. How does Excelerol manage to gather such a following with its abysmal branding? What’s making it so unique and so loved by all its users – garnering quite a lot of testimonials on its front page? While we might not be able to answer all these questions, we’ll try our best to give you the best in-depth analysis of Excelerol and what makes it so good.


Excelerol contains quite a LOT of ingredients in its formula. We were actually quite surprised in how many ingredients there were. In fact, there are probably enough ingredients in here that you can rearrange all of them in some way and create all the other 9,412 (not a real number) nootropic, brain enhancing products out there.

Admittedly, Excelerol’s ingredients were not something we were a fan of. Sure, it contained all the major nootropic ingredients out there – Acetyl L-Carnitine, DMAE, Ginkgo Biloba, Alpha GPC, Huperzine, Vinpocetine, Phosphatidylserine – but it just seems like its formula is a bit too crowded. It isn’t what you would call minimalistic. In a small capsule, we were wondering how much of each ingredient would actually fit.

Additionally, they’ve included guarana extract, and while it brings a bit of energy to the table, might actually take away from the overall experience – especially with the amount of people who are caffeine intolerant, or simply do not like caffeine. It also has side effects, but we’ll get to that.

Ingredients score: 17/25


Experimenting with Excelerol

We had to say that despite our concerns with Excelerol’s ingredients, we’ve found out that it actually has its effects figured out. It seems as if Excelerol really is able to come through, when we put it to the test.

Excelerol was a mixed bag – some of us didn’t even want to touch it, however, some of us have already tried it in the past and loved it! We had to put everything aside in our review of Excelerol, though. In this respect, we found that Excelerol actually does leaps for focus and concentration. While this lasted quite a while, improved memory capabilities soon followed suit. It was quite a unique experience – being able to learn things a lot more quickly and efficiently. One of us learned how to play the piano in a few weeks!

Concerning the caffeine, though, it did take a toll on us as well. Many of us reported that the caffeine in Excelerol did bog us down a bit by the end of the day, and upon discontinuation, we experienced a bad caffeine crash. It wasn’t pretty.

Experimenting with Excelerol score: 20/25



The pricing system of Excelerol is a bit unique than others. If you were to order 30-count, that would cost you $49.90, but that would last you only 15 days on 2 capsules a day. If you were to order 90-count, that would cost $99.90, but last you a month and a half. Quite steep, huh? Well, there is a third option: for a monthly subscription, a 90-count bottle of Excelerol is only $39.90.

Well, it’s quite confusing, but Excelerol obviously is trying to get you hooked on the monthly subscription. However, it does say that this subscription can be canceled at any time – so take advantage of that while that offer lasts.

Price score: 23/25


Readers’ Report

The majority of reviews we’ve received concerning Excelerol were mainly positive. Most completely ignore Excelerol’s formula and are more focused on its ability to deliver effects. Our readers report similar positive effects, in terms of focus, concentration, and memory. However, we have received no reports so far concerning the caffeine crash that the majority of us experienced.
Overall, our readers really liked Excelerol.

Readers’ Report score: 21/25