Citicoline 77%

Citicoline ReviewCiticoline Review

Citicoline is one most common brain supplements used, known to be highly effective and safe. It keeps the brain better equipped with an important neurotransmitter, therefore enhancing both cognitive function and general health of the brain. Citicoline can be used as a stand-alone nootropic boosting several mental processes such as focus, learning, and memory. It can also be stacked with various other nootropics enhancing their effectiveness as well.

Citicoline is widely used by nootropic enthusiasts, elderly individuals, and stroke survivors. However, recently is has also become popular amongst other casual individuals who wish to remember better and perform more effectively in their set tasks.

What is it?

Citicoline is actually a nutrient found in the body in addition to being a supplement. It is a compound that is an essential intermediary in the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine, which is a major component of grey matter brain tissue. It is also know to create various other types of phospholipids, which are heavily required components in cell membranes.Citicoline also appears to prevent malnourishment in the nerves and it also seems to improve blood circulation within the brain.

  • Ingredients score: 25/25

Experimenting with Citicoline

When we received our container of Citicoline, we weren’t too excited as we were already quite familiar with this specific supplement, we were expecting good results.

Soon after ingesting the supplement we were introduced to some of the positive effects such as focus and concentration. A lot of the participants that were taking part in the experiment reported back saying that the supplement was working they were able to feel an increase in mental energy, the only issue was that the supplement was lacking power.

That is why Citicoline is often recommended to be stacked with other nootropic supplements, so it is able to reach its full-scale effectiveness.

Overall the product had quite a positive effect on a large amount of the participants. Although, it also came with a few mild side effects such as headaches, diarrhea, and nausea. Luckily nothing too serious.

  • Experimenting with Citicoline score: 17/25


Citicoline can either be bought in powder or capsule form. The price isn’t relatively too high, although if Citicoline capsules are purchased it can go up to 5x higher than powder form. Prices of the capsule form vary amongst the companies that sell Citicoline in that form.

The following are some of the brand name supplement companies that sell Citicoline in its capsule form; CerAxon Pills, Cognizin Citioline, and NeuroAxon Citicoline.

  • Price score: 20/25

Reader’s Report

Readers often send us emails and reports on specific supplements how effective it was for them, in this case we’re happy to say that a majority of the readers were quite pleased with the product. Unfortunately, there was an issue that was repeated several times in various different emails. Issues concerning the power of Citicoline, and how it was effective but they were expecting something stronger.

With that issue there was also another mild problem concering the side effects, a small percentage of users claimed to have some intestinal problems such a diarrhea.

The product seemed to work well, with a couple of minor issues which can be adjusted.

  • Readers’ Report score: 15/25

The Verdict

Overall, this is a great brain powering supplement, we would definitely recommend this product if it’s paired with another different nootropic. The product can have an even more powerful effect when used in an appropriate stack. Seeing that the product is now appearing in various other supplement, show how well it works with other brain power enhancing ingredients.

As mentioned earlier there are several nootropic supplements that already include Citicoline in its formula. Citicoine would benefit its user more when staked with another ingredient.

Overall Score: 77%