BrainKrave Review 53%

BrainKrave Review


BrainKrave is a relatively newer product that had appeared suddenly overnight. It seemed as if for a while, we heard no news of such product, and then it just magically appeared out of nowhere – and even further, it’s got over 11,000 (read eleven THOUSAND) followers already, all of a sudden. And what’s more, is that when you actually go onto their Facebook page – the one that has A TON – of likes, you’ll notice that no one really likes their content at all. Possibly bought likes? We believed that something fishy was going on, due to this peculiarity. Nevertheless, when we actually went online, we saw numerous user reviews that actually looked authentic. So, it wouldn’t really be scientific of us to easily dismiss this without actually testing it first. We were skeptical, though – very much so.

It was really difficult getting our hands on BrainKrave’s formula. Despite it ‘being around for a while’, as they claim, there really isn’t any information available about their ingredients. Sure, there is a page on their website dedicated to their ingredients, but we wanted specifics – the label. Unfortunately, that wasn’t readily available, and we weren’t able to find much information about it – even with the help of Google pictures. Very sketchy.

On their website, though, it seemed that BrainKrave really was one of your ‘typical’ brain pills. It contained most of the ingredients 99% of other nootropics contain as well – and with the tag ‘typical’, it also meant that they were suffering from many of the many problems most other brain pills have – the problem of containing too many filler, as well as caffeine, and other nonessential ingredients. Basically, although they do claim ‘no fillers, artificial ingredients, gimmicks or tricks’, their ingredients list is littered with the aforementioned.

Ingredients Score: 12/25

Experimenting with BrainKrave

Without needing to mention, you could probably tell that we were already pretty skeptical about BrainKrave. However, we still did eventually try it – for SCIENCE!

What was almost immediately noticeable for us was the soothing feeling we got from BrainKrave. We felt – in lack of a better word, rejuvenated. We believe that this was due to the multivitamins and minerals that BrainKrave contains. While on paper, this might be great, the fact of the matter is – BrainKrave simply did not perform well enough as a brain pill. The massive amount of filler in BrainKrave actually detracted from its ability to perform as a brain pill. While the effects were indeed noticeable, they were still negligible.
Additionally, while caffeine was indeed great for a boost in energy, its side effects did also really detract from the overall experience.

Editor’s Note: After further investigation, BrainKrave actually has a caffeine-free version as well. In our review, we were testing BrainKrave Original.

Experimenting with BrainKrave Review: 14/25

The price of one bottle of BrainKrave is $34.99 for a bottle of 30 capsules. While this might seem like a cheap offering, at two capsules a day, you’re actually going to run out of your dosage much faster than you’d expect. A whole month’s supply would actually cost closer to $70. Another funny quirk we noticed was that if you’d need a month’s supply, you should buy two 30-capsule bottles, and not the 60-capsule bottle, since two 30-cap bottles cost $69.98, while a 60-capsule bottle costs $69.99.

However, we still believe that $70 for a month is a big setback, especially when there better options out there for the same price, or even cheaper.

Price Score: 14/25

Readers’ Report

Unfortunately, we haven’t received a review from our readers so far. For this section of the review, we had to go online and report on other users’ reviews. Most of those we saw in forums and other places, though, were mostly positive. However, we believe that this might actually be fake reviews. Always be wary of those online that are extremely positive, especially when multiple are stringed together in a short period of time.

Since we didn’t receive any reviews from our readers, and aren’t able to confirm nor deny BrainKrave’s use of fake reviews, we had to give it a score somewhere in the middle.

Readers’ Report Score: 13/25

The Verdict
BrainKrave, a relatively new brain pill, is already showing lies and dishonesty, despite its infancy. They claim a lot of things, however, a lot of the information they put up is even contradictory. This is especially true with their ingredients. BrainKrave is just your typical brain pill, with some quirks. While we did feel some great things in terms of our health, BrainKrave underperformed as a brain enhancer. Why is it trying to be something else, when even its positives can be easily replicated with a Centrum? We didn’t hear anything from our readers, but even the reviews online on BrainKrave could be questionable. The price isn’t all too hot either at $70 for a month’s supply. Definitely stay away. Look for better.