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Brain Storm Elite Review

Brain Storm Elite ReviewBrain Storm Elite is a new nootropic supplement with an ego through the roof and a formula claiming to ‘drastically’ boost cognitive function by increasing memory recall abilities and focus. Since a lot of our readers and panelists have been interested to know more about this product and its effectiveness, we’ve done all the necessary research to know if Brain Storm Elite is as much of a star as it promises to be.

Let’s start off with their official website: it adopts a cartoon-like theme with blue-colored storms as the background and an animated font style. While this may not seem relevant, we take nootropics very seriously and would appreciate it if supplement companies such as Brain Storm Elite did the same.

The website then continues with a “Brain Supplements Review Guide” which tells us what brain supplements are, the benefits that they bring and the reasons as to why you should buy them. Interestingly enough, none of these articles are relevant to or deal directly with Brain Storm Elite. Instead, clicking on the “Read more” button will lead you to the landing page of another product, such as Adrafinil or Synapsyl.

Along the bottom of the site, there is a peer review story available, which outlines a customer’s experience with Brain Storm Elite. Unfortunately, we are not told who the writer is, which makes it impossible for us to confirm whether or not the source is credible.

Moving on to their infamous landing page, which is available on numerous review sites (such as Here’s a glance of what it looks like:

BrainStorm Review

BrainStorm Review

As you can see, the heading presents us with the statement: “WARNING – Brain Storm Elite was specifically created for anyone looking to drastically increase their focus – you will experience an extreme boost in energy and memory recall as well as the ability to focus like never before – use as directed if you think you can handle these effects.” So it seems that the company has presented us with a challenge. They claim that the effects are so potent that only the bravest of us will be able to cope with them. As cool as the NZT-48 pill may seem in the movie ‘Limitless’, real-life cognitive enhancing supplements are not designed to produce the same results. Instead, they have been developed by scientists in laboratories to help those with attention and focus problems, in order to support cognitive functions such as learning and memory. Brain Storm Elite’s landing page also lacks information on the product’s costs and ingredients, and yet still convinces customers to provide personal details such as name, address, and email. As mentioned previously, brain supplements are not a joke and it would be advised that they are not treated as such.

Although we understand that Brain Storm Elite is a company that, just like any other, attempts to be profitable by practicing certain marketing techniques, we are not impressed with its use of vague claims that are clearly designed to persuade customers.


On the top right hand corner of the site, there is a menu option entitled “Ingredients Review”. While we expected that by clicking it we would be presented with a full supplement facts sheet, we were instead provided with a few paragraphs that can be summarized into one sentence: “It works, we swear. ” This was very misleading and frankly made us quite frustrated.

Of course once you hand over the cash then you are presented with the product itself, which allows access to the ingredients label at the back of the bottle. That’s another red flag out of the many others that we’ve pointed out.

o    Ingredients score: 10/25

Experimenting with Neuro Optimizer

Brain Storm Elite claims that Leonardo DiCaprio has tried their product. They even said they have a quote from him out of an interview for his movie Wolf of Wall Street ­– “Nothing expands your mind and gets you in the zone like Brain Storm Elite.” As anyone would be, we grew curious to see the man say it himself, so of course we had to look up the interview. If you’ve done what we have, which is watch the entire 16:40 minute-long video, then you’ll realize that he does not mention Brain Storm Elite whatsoever. So just like Leonardo DiCaprio, our team here at did not experiment with Brain Storm Elite. We did not feel comfortable buying a bottle from the company and nor were we eager to try any of the unknown ingredients.

o    Experimenting with Brain Storm Elite score: 5/25


One bottle of Brain Storm Elite costs $53.98 and comes with 60 capsules. Depending on your budget, this price may be considered reasonable to some and very expensive to others.

o   Price score: 20/25

Readers’ Report

“Autoship discontinued, product returned, disputed charge, provided USPS tracking info, company claims they never received product. Apparently with this company the customer isn’t always right. I purchased the product and was placed on an autoship program. The product did not produce any desired results as claimed in the advertisements. I did not dispute original shipment and it was paid for, what I did do was discontinue the autoship and returned the unopened mailed package containing the secondary product. I provided the USPS shipping tracking number to the charge card company showing that the package delivered. However, the company claims product they never received the product I had sent back. Treating this customer in this manner of over $49.95 is a reflection of the integrity and ethics of this company. Looking over some of the other reviews here, apparently I’m not alone. What goes around eventually comes around. Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend.”

Michael Niemiec, Buffalo, NY, Jul 18, 2015

o   Readers’ Report score: 10/25

The Verdict

We do not feel comfortable recommending this product to our readers, particularly because of the lack of information available regarding its ingredients, manufacturer or customer reviews. If you are certain that you want to try Brain Storm Elite, then we suggest that you bring the product to your physician to discuss potential effects.