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Brain Candy is a little different than what we’re used to reviewing. Brain Candy isn’t a nootropic, a brain pill, or a smart pill – it’s actually just a caffeine shot. So it isn’t really what you’re used to, we’ve also been receiving quite a lot of questions from our readers regarding whether they can stack ‘x’ with ‘y’. From now on, we’re going to start having mini-reviews for other supplements that you can stack with nootropics. So be sure to follow us for that.

As mentioned, Brain Candy isn’t exactly what you would expect. However, it’s also a little different from other caffeine shots like 5-Hour Energy, in that it contains some nootropic ingredients as well like Acetyl L-Carnitine, CDP Choline, and DMAE.


The ingredients for this caffeine shot, in a word, would be conflicted. While they are trying to really get it to be the best possible that they can, it seems as if Brain Candy is a little confusing in its formula. Although it is a ‘caffeine shot’, it still has traces of being a brain enhancer. It’s got Acetyl L-Carnitine, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, CDP Choline, DMAE, and L-Theanine – all of which do something for the brain. However, that wasn’t the most concerning part of their formula.

The caffeine content listed is an outrageous 300mg – a lot more than what most people are used to. It’s basically like 6 shots of espressos in one little shot. It’s extremely concerning, and even borderline dangerous – and this is even worsened by the fact that it becomes a health hazard if you’re also taking other caffeine sources into your diet along with Brain Candy.

  • Ingredients score: 16/25


The name basically says it all. It’s a bottle of brain candy. Clearly aimed at students, and given the impression of an MDMA effect, most of us were basically just craving sugar the whole day. Productive? Not really. Our experiences on Brain Candy can be more accurately described as ‘buzzing’, where your brain would just constantly be working at a very fast pace – but not controlled. So you would basically be thinking of a thousand nonsensical things at the same time. Our productivity took a dip on it.

Basically, while there are a lot of nootropic ingredients in Brain Candy, its overall amount of caffeine takes away from the experience. It was not fun.

  • Experimenting with Brain Candy score: 20/25


A 4-pack bottle of Brain Candy costs $9.99, which is a very expensive offering. If you actually took this at their recommended ‘one shot a day’, you would be set back by around $75 a month – which is extremely expensive for a caffeine shot, even if it does contain nootropic ingredients. There are definitely better options out there.

  • Price score: 18/25

Reader’s Report 

While we personally did not have a good experience with Brain Candy, there are some users who have positive opinions about the product. Some said that after an hour of taking the product, they experienced heightened drive to remain focus and that the energy boost did not result in a crash at the end of the day. So, perhaps this product really depends on the user. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, then it may not bring out the best effects. However, if you’re someone who really needs a hard kick of energy, then Brain Candy may not be so bad afterall.

  • Reader’s report score: 22/25

The Verdict

Brain Candy does a lot more than what a normal caffeine shot does, but at the same time, it also costs A LOT more than what a normal caffeine shot does as well. While it does offer many boosts to the brain, its amount of caffeine is just way too much for 90% of people, and if you’re a regular drinker of coffee and other caffeinated drinks, your caffeine intake per day will hit the roof.