Biohack Pure 83%

Biohack Review

Biohack Pure Review

If you’ve been following sports recently, you must have probably heard of Jonathan Weisman, who claims that nootropics and brain enhancing substances should be allowed in competitive sports. Who is this man? Well, he’s the owner and CEO of Biohack Pure and his beliefs are strong into the allowing of these substances’ use in sports. Well, he isn’t wrong. In today’s day of supplements for almost everything, Biohack might just be potential for uses in sports.

Of course, what nootropic does Jonathan Weisman advocated? Of course, it’s Biohack, and it seems like it’s been gaining attention all over the world of sports recently. Increasing in popularity, he’d like Biohack ahead of everyone else in the near future.

However, does his claims hold true? Is Biohack really all it set out to be? Read on.


What was immediately evident to us, was that the amount of ingredients included in Biohack Pure were merely a short list of 8. Just taking a look at this, Biohack doesn’t seem like a bad product at all. In today’s world of nootropics, it seems as if almost every company out there is set out on creating the best superpill, which essentially means that they’re trying to jam pack every known beneficial ingredient in a pill to create the ultimate pill. As good as this sounds, it isn’t really a good idea, due to the fact that more ingredients means that there is less overall potency across the board.

Luckily, Biohack Pure, or rather, Jonathan Weisman, has realized this fact, and has designed his product to only contain 8 ingredients, which is a lot better than some of the products that contain two up to fifty ingredients. (Yes, Lucidal. We’re looking at you)

That said, all of the ingredients that they’re using, although only 8, fill up all the necessary holes that nootropics attempt to fill. They have all the bases covered.

Ingredients score: 24/25

Experimenting with Biohack Pure

With a formula list like that, we were extremely excited to try out Biohack Pure, especially due to the high ingredient potency in Biohack Pure.

That said, it was evident almost immediately to us here who were trying it. We felt that the sudden boost in focus and clarity which persisted for a good 3-5 hours. It was very much obvious that Biohack was quite potent simply due to the fact that the effects we felt were also very strong. The boost of focus really was something to write home about.

Interestingly, the effects of Biohack Pure did not worsen with time. They stayed for the whole duration of our tests, and even more interestingly, was that most of us felt that there were gradual, incremental increases to effects, especially when one of us started playing an instrument extremely well just after 2 months of practicing it.

After we discontinued Biohack, the effects dropped, but only to some extent. We could feel that some of the effects from Biohack Pure persisted even after discontinuing Biohack – something rare and valuable to any nootropic supplement.

Experimenting with Biohack Pure score: 23/25


A 30-capsule bottle of Biohack Pure costs $34.95, which is quite cheap. However, when you really read between the lines, you’ll find that a daily serving of Biohack Pure requires 2 capsules a day. This means that your bottle will run out at the middle of the month.

A month’s supply of Biohack Pure is going to set you out for closer to $70, which is a pretty high price for a nootropic. However, we find that this isn’t really that much of a price to pay, considering the value as well. $70 for a month’s supply of one of the better nootropics out there isn’t that bad, considering all the benefits to be had from Biohack Pure.

With that in mind, there are definitely still quite a few products out there that are better than Biohack Pure and come in for a much cheaper price as well.

Price score: 19/25

Readers’ Report

Unfortunately for Biohack Pure, a lot of the emails that we’ve received from our readers suggest that they didn’t really find it as appealing as we did. The average reader came in at a score of about 6.5/10, which was much lower than what we would have given Biohack Pure.

These readers reported some side effects concerning Biohack Pure, such as diarrhea, and severe headaches, which we admit is completely possible due to the fact that its potency is that high. However, it still didn’t affect Biohack Pure’s score much.

In fact, it’s always good to see what the readers think about the product, ensuring we have a more rounded view on a certain product. We always appreciate your responses, readers.

Readers score: 17/25

The Verdict

It seems that Jonathan Weisman is really pulling something off with his creation of Biohack Pure. His product comes off with many green checks in our book, starting from its formula alone, which indicates that it has really good potency, and a no-nonsense strategy. These preliminary assumptions were then reassured by our tests, which showed that Biohack Pure was as effective and as potent as we thought it was. The price, at $70 per month is quite expensive, but still within reasonable limits. It’s definitely a lot better than some of the options that we’ve come across that were a bit more expensive. That said, our readers didn’t like it as much as we did. However, Biohack Pure is still an extremely good product – something that should definitely put them on the map of all other nootropics.