Alpha Brain Review

Alpha Brain Review

Alpha Brain by Onnit is of the largest market share holders in the nootropics business. Since it has been released, the product has grown to be one of the most well known and popular nootropic supplements out there.

We’ve heard a lot of great things about Alpha Brain. In fact, some of us have already tried it before, but we haven’t actually been able to record the results through our tests here at This will be the first time. Those who have tried Alpha Brain before love it, users swear by it, and those who haven’t are claimed to be “missing out.”

Marketed as the Complete Balanced Nootropic, Alpha Brain claims to have a perfectly balanced formula – allowing you to reach a point where you won’t have to take any other supporting supplements. However, we are very aware of what happens when a manufacturer tries to pack everything into one pill. Is this the case of the multivitamin with brain enhancing benefits? Does Alpha Brain really live up to the hype?


It’s very common when a manufacturer tries to make a nootropic a “balanced pill.” They attempt to cram every single beneficial mineral and vitamin into the pill at the lowest production cost possible. What typically happens is that they’ll jam in up to 60 ingredients in a pill, resulting in an absolute disaster (to say the least). When you think about the fact that an average pill can only hold 750mg, you’ll start to notice that the milligrams per ingredient start taking a hit, thus reducing each ingredient’s actual potency. This is what happens in many cases of the “balanced pill.”

You’ll be glad to know that as a “balanced pill,” Alpha Brain does not suffer from this problem. Although they’ve put in a variety of different ingredients, there aren’t that many as you would think. In fact, there are only 13.

Amongst these 13 ingredients are some very good nootropics such as Alpha GPC, Vinpocetine, Bacopa, L-Tyrosine, and L-Theanine. They’ve also included Vitamin B6 as a form of health support. The fact of the matter is, the amount of “extras” that they include in their ingredient just supercharges the ability of the brain enhancing qualities in the pill. In layman terms, if there are less extras in the pill, there’s more room for all the good stuff – and plenty of room there was when it comes to Alpha Brain. Notably, Alpha GPC and L-tyrosine were packed in exceptionally good quantities.

One aspect that puzzled us, however, was the fact that they used Huperzia Serrata instead of the higher quality Huperzine A. Huperzine A, being the more expensive, yet of extremely high quality, would be the better option. This is one feature that Alpha Brain could potentially improve on.

Ingredients score: 23/25


Experimenting with Alpha Brain

As you can imagine, some of our team members were quite excited to find that they would be getting a supply of Alpha Brain. Not only were they getting a 2-month supply of one of the best nootropics out there, they were also getting it for free, courtesy of the big people in suits upstairs.

The immediate effects kicked in after around 30 minutes of popping an Alpha Brain capsule. And boy, we could definitely tell when it did. Everyone was reporting that colors (particularly red) appeared more intense, while their alertness was greatly spiked. There was also increases in focus, concentration, and motivation. The most impressive part of the results was that the testers didn’t feel hyper or more energized but rather more motivated to do work and stay on task.

It was easily notable that productivity in the office increased. After 3 hours, users reported feeling physically more tired, but mentally sharp and eager to continue. During the 8-week period when we were taking Alpha Brain, we were able to work very efficiently without feeling drained. In fact, our tests showed a productivity increase by 29% by the end of the second month.

With prolonged used, the team reported a significant increase in verbal fluency. In order to measure the accuracy of this claim, we played a game where each tester was given a specific topic (i.e. fruits, brands of cars, capital cities) and asked to mention as many words that relate to the topic in 60 minutes. 6 out of 8 of the testers performed better at the end of the second month compared to the first.

A few of our team members also reported more vivid dreams – something strange, yet uniquely cool!

Experimenting with Alpha Brain score: 24/25



Countless times have we encountered a product that costs much cheaper than usual, only to then be surprised that the daily dosage forces the purchasing of 2-3 bottles a month! In the case of Alpha Brain, the daily dosage calls for 2 capsules per day. Those with a busy schedule or who have trouble remembering should be extremely thankful for the 2-pills-a-day wonder.

At a price of $34.95 for a bottle of 30 pills, a months’ supply would cost you $69.90. This definitely enters the higher range when compared to other nootropics, but we must admit that the results and high-quality ingredients merit the cost.

You won’t regret trying Alpha Brain, but just wary of the price tag.

Price score: 20/25


Readers’ Report

Surprisingly, we’ve gotten some mixed reviews about Alpha Brain from our readers. From the emails we’ve received about the product, most were generally positive but there were still quite a handful of complaints. This was shocking because we assumed that there weren’t going to be any negative feedback.

The majority of readers were extremely satisfied with the product after seeing a “higher level of focus and concentration.” A few other notable things were also increased memory retention from a few of our viewers that used Alpha Brain as an alternative to Adderall during their exams. There were also reports about lucid dreaming.

However, as mentioned, some of our readers complained about the fact that they had a harder time falling asleep. We’d like to bring to light that Alpha Brain suggests up to 3 pills for an adult weighing over 200 pounds. This might be a factor of the decreased potency.

There were also a few reports of headache experiences. However, this side effect is quite normal with the use of nootropics and is usually countered by complementing nootropic intake with choline.

Readers’ Report score: 23/25