Risking Everything

Risk EverythingRemember that time back in high school where you were head over heals in love with that girl from the cheerleading team? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. It was when you would risk it all just to get together with her. The adrenaline and the intense feelings you would get from just being around her, and more importantly, with every move that you would make towards sealing the deal with her.

That’s exactly how you should feel about your business, and if you aren’t, you’re not doing it right. Sometimes life is all about risking everything for a dream that no one can see but you. Despite all the negative comments you may hear, you must be doggingly mad and stubborn enough to keep pushing forward. The finish line is where you decide it to be, and if you haven’t reached it yet, you have to keep going.

I myself dropped out of college to pursue an entrepreneurial venture, and I have to say that it is the best decision I have ever made. In the beginning, my parents, my friends, and even my girlfriend were all so unsupportive of my decision. But when they saw the amount of hours, and the effort I put into my small little startup, they slowly started becoming more and more supportive.

Literally, I risked it all – but as much as I would like to say “lucky me”, it wasn’t all about luck. What’s important is that I was able to do it, and so can you. It’s all through hard work, perseverance, and undying belief that you can achieve something.

This is what you need to be like. You need to live and breathe your business, and for it to succeed, you must be able to be willing to risk it all. To be the 1%, you must take actions that aren’t exactly normal… because no one can see this dream but you.

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