No Man is an Island (Get Help!)

No Man is an IslandIf you find that your productivity has taken a dip and you aren’t getting much done, perhaps a reason why is that you are trying to do everything by yourself. I myself am guilty of this too. As perfectionists, we really insist that it is us who do everything. We just can’t let go of the control. We assume that people may mess up, and everything won’t be exactly as we want them to be. We assume that everything will go downhill if we let others do things, leaving us to clean up after them later.

Well, as much as this may be true, we need to let the little things go. We aren’t going to get a lot done if we keep obsessing about all the things. It hinders us from functioning and prevents us from getting the more important things done. We ourselves already have our primary tasks and functions, and taking up a few more just to get everything perfect might result in our productivity taking a hit.

As much as you would love to believe you are the best, there are people out there who are better than you in certain aspects, who will be able to get those things done in one tenth the amount of time you would do it. If it isn’t your area of expertise, don’t try to learn it from scratch. Let someone else do it. They’ll probably do it better too.

Really, if you are trying to set up a business that you aren’t too knowledgeable at, either be ready to let some equity go for someone who will do something well, or be ready to give up on that business.

Learn that you won’t be able to get EVERYTHING by yourself. You will need to delegate some things to other people. And yes, perhaps mistakes are unavoidable. But if you are able to coach them to get things right to the way you want it, you’ll find that a big cinder block has been lifted off your chest – and then you can start focusing on the things that you can do exceptionally well and the things that actually matter.

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