Mental Kung Fu Mastery

Mental Kung Fu MasteryIn the past few years, there has been a huge increase in the amount of games being created to mentally engage the brain. It seems that almost every other month, there is a new game on the block that become hits as they are unique, but yet mentally challenging enough. One of which a while ago I got pretty stuck in was 2048. However, the topic of exercising the brain with games still is quite a controversial one, with a lot of supporters and cynics.

Earlier this year though, it was proven by research that these games do not actually increase intelligence or cognitive abilities, but rather, only allow them to function better at the task they are being trained to do. Meaning, if I got so good at 2048, that would only mean I was good at that particular game, and not everything that needed me thinking hard.

Despite this, it is still universally known that practicing something makes us better at it, so on that thought, why not practice being able to think quickly? Why not become more witty? It’s a skill I have personally tried to master over the years, and while I haven’t completely done so yet, I can honestly say I am a lot more witty and come to conclusions a lot faster than I used to. There are very few people out there who can go against me in a battle of wits.

How? I play games that force me to make very quick decisions. In fact, even now, I force myself to create quick decisions. And while it might not always yield the best results, I force myself to live with my decisions. I will stick with it no matter how good or bat it is. This of course leads to some pretty embarrassing situations, but on the plus side, my brain is catching up, every now and then coming up with the best solutions immediately. Try it, it will be funny sometimes, but totally worth it.

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