Have Sex for your Brain

Have Sex for Your BrainMost people know that having sex yields quite a lot of benefits for the body – you get a good workout, your blood pressure is lowered, and even your immune system is kept in check. And heck, you have to admit that it’s also good fun. Even further, you also get a good confidence boost and it gives you a very good mood.

But perhaps, out of all the above, the most important one that probably isn’t even on your list yet is the benefits that it adds for the brain. Sex improves functionality in the brain, while promoting the growth of new brain cells, and also improves your long-term memory.

Still unsure? Well, a study from the University of Maryland showed that frequent sexual activity increased the brain capabilities of mice. While perhaps it didn’t do so to the point where they have created super-mice, but these mice sure were a lot smarter and were able to solve simple mazes and tasks more quickly than most normal mice.

The researchers believe that this could easily translate to humans as well.

But even if it didn’t have effects on memory or on cognition, there are still a lot of already proven benefits sex brings. As mentioned, you get a better mood and confidence – and at times, we need this more than we need boosted brain power. We will be able to do work more productively, and our dealings with people will be more fruitful.

Honestly, why would you even want to not have sex? I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t. From the blatantly obvious to the mundane, there are lots to be gained (STD’s included if you aren’t careful) from having sex.

Perhaps the magic medicine is sex. I mean, it does everything for you, doesn’t it?

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