Five Instant Ways to Boost Mood

Let’s admit it, doesn’t matter how many times you tell yourself when you first wake up in the morning, “Today, I won’t let anything bother me and I’ll be in a great mood and have a kickass day!” there’s always going to be something that ends up pestering our minds and meddle our with our mood. When this happens, I’m also pretty sure that you only want get rid of this thought and not to let it worry you for longer. Trust me, I know this all too well. So here are some tips to help you enhance your mood.


Plug In Your Earphones


Music does really speak to your soul, literally. Once you listen to a song, your heart actually starts to beat in sync with the rhythm. The faster the beat, the more blood is pumped through your veins releasing adrenaline causing you to be more excited. Your brain also interprets different moods from the tone of the key whether it’s major, indicating happiness, and minor keys, that indicate sadness.


Stop Watching The News


When was the last time you’ve watched the news and afterwards not feel bad about the world’s current problems? I’m guessing very little times. The majority of the topic the news covers is more on the problems and hardships our world is facing rather than the positive aspects. Hearing news such as those, will only bring you worry, depression, about insecurity about your life. Turning off the news can help by easing away some of the stress from your shoulders.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It


There have been countless times where this technique has done the trick for me. It is one of the easiest things you can do to lighten your mood. Turning your frown upside down and holding it for at least a minute can be enough to make your brain think that you are happy. You can even instantly change your mood just by remembering a funny moment that happened in your life, a funny scene from a movie, or even a lame joke someone told you. Recollecting the little things that made us laugh can be nostalgic but at least make you feel better about your life.

Make It Count


If you’re one to love getting some extra endorphins running through your system, then I strongly suggest for you to go outside and ride, walk or jog. Exercising has been proven time and time again to be one of the most efficient ways in improving your mood and mindset. By adding in a 30 second sprint to one of the following activities, your body will secrete an extra dose of endorphins which will improve your mood for 90 minutes longer.


Sing It For Yourself


Not a great singer? No worries! You’re not trying to impress anyone, it’s not The Voice. But singing away your concerns can definitely, 100%, affect you psychologically. When you sing, oxytocin, which is a hormone, is released throughout your body which relieves stress and anxiety. Singing has been found to be therapeutic and allows a person to feel satisfied with the feelings and thoughts they have a hard time conveying through only simple words.

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