Consistently Getting Yourself to Gym

Consistently Getting Yourself to GymA very big difficulty with those trying to achieve a certain physical goal that involves going to the gym is often simply getting motivated. We’ve all experienced a hiccup in our motivation at one point or another where we’ve tried to get motivated to go to the gym but simply say ‘I’ll go tomorrow’. This sometimes becomes an endless cycle, where even though we do go to gym at some point, we aren’t exactly motivated.

In an article on the internet, it was suggested that one way to get your motivation up for a workout in the gym is to try to remember your last workout, and to think about it. It’ll get your blood pumping and in a way, pump you up. Whether your last workout was great or if you were having a bad day that time, thinking about it will definitely help get you in the mood to pump some iron.

This was suggested in line with a study from the University of New Hampshire, where participants were asked to think about a memory of themselves exercising. Some of the participants were asked to recall a good gym experience, while some were asked to try to remember one where they didn’t perform so well. However, it didn’t really matter whether the experience was good or not, apparently, as all those instructed found that they were more inclined to exercise.

Even those who had bad memories of gym were more inclined to head to the gym than the control group, who were not asked to recall any such memory.

Therefore, when really forcing yourself to go to the gym to achieve your dreamed body, it might just be a great idea to up the intensity by remembering your last workout, regardless of how good or bad it was. Motivation will kick in, and you just might have a pretty fun time.

If you’re having doubts about this, try doing it the next time you head over there. And while your performance might not be necessarily much better, your workout might just be that much more intense: something that you should be going for anyway when looking to better yourself over time.

And remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint!

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