4 Secrets To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution



The countdown will soon take place – 10,9,8,7,6,5,4… and the clock will finally strike 12.01, marking the beginning of 2016. The room you’re in will be filled with excitement and smiles, your friends will be (wasted and) hugging you. And as soon as the hype cools down, someone approaches and pops the big questions – so what’s your new year’s resolution going to be this year? Promise to lose 10 lbs in the next two months? Want to quit your long, terrible habit of smoking those death sticks? Or maybe you do one new thing each day in hope to have a fun, fulfilling year?

Whatever it may be, we all know that for the first two months (for some people, it’s really only two weeks…or two days), you will feel very driven and motivated to complete or take the steps to achieve your new year’s goal. During the first week of January, all the gyms in the city will start to happily receive hundreds of new membership enrollments – only to find that more than half of those folks would have given up by the beginning of March. It’s normal – when we convince ourselves that we’re going to get something done, we get excited about it. But that thrill slowly and surely starts to ease, leaving you back in square 1.

The trick to overcoming this almost inevitable defeat is to have a solid game plan. And don’t worry because we’re here to help. During your journey of achieving your new year’s resolution, make sure to follow these 4 secret tips in order to triumph and be proud of your accomplishments:

  1. Be Realistic by Making a Pro’s & Con’s List

Okay, the first step is to choose a realistic (but challenging nonetheless) goal. Once you start getting a few ideas, write them down on a notebook or on your handy iPhone. If you can’t choose between 3 great ideas then start making a pro’s and con’s list for each of them ­– this will help round things down. The aim should be to have one solid, very realistic, foreseeable goal.

  1. Get Visual

I don’t just mean you should visually envision your goals (that’s obvious), but you should form the habit of seeing progress. For instance, if your goal is to have abs by the end of the year, take a selfie in the mirror every other day or after each gym sesh. Stick these photos into a separate folder and check them out at the end of month 1. You’ll be surprised how amazing it feels to see how much progress you’ve made over the 30 days. This will help motivate you to keep pushing.

  1. Shush! Don’t Talk About It

Derek Sivers gave a very fascinating TED Talk where he speaks about the power of keeping your goals to yourself. According to research, sharing with friends and family members your goals provides you with so much satisfaction that you no longer feel the need to actually accomplish them. So this year, keep your mouth shut and don’t tell anyone your secret goal.

  1. Get a Mental Edge by Taking Nootropics

Power comes from the mind, so if your thoughts are negative and your aspirations are weak, it’s no surprise if you never get to achieve that big goal of yours. Some days are better than others, but when you start to take nootropic supplements such as Nitrovit, you can begin to put that ‘extra’ in your ordinary days. Nootropics are types of supplements that boost cognitive function in terms of memory, focus, learning, mood and more. Nitrovit, our favorite supplement of all time, is packed with powerful ingredients such as Huperzine A – which stimulates the nervous system and increases mental alertness, and Vinpocetine – which increases blood flow to the brain and enhances focus abilities. Nitrovit can also boost your confidence and overall mood, providing you with the oomph you need to achieve that goal. Learn more about Nitrovit here and get yourself a bottle today before it’s too late.


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