4 Cool Gadgets To Increase Productivity At Your Workplace

There are certain days when that cup of Joe just isn’t doing you any good and no matter how hard you try to get started, that massive pile of work is too overwhelming to even look at. Well, one question you should ask yourself is – “Do I have a conducive work environment?” Some office cubicles are so depressing (to say the least) that you’re bound to have lazy, unproductive days. Luckily, there are some cool gadgets you can invest in to spark up the office place and give yourself the opportunity to work more efficiently.

  • iKettle


iKettle is essentially a kettle that connects to your smartphone device via Wi-Fi. If you want to wake up to a fresh cup of green tea for instance, you can set an alarm to let your kettle know when you’ll be walking through that kitchen. The kettle also has a water level sensor, meaning it will notify you (on your phone) when you need to make a refill. If this isn’t a gadget you want to bring to the office then keep it at home for those busy weekends that you need to spend typing away on your laptop. The kettle will save you some time from having to walk back and forth into the kitchen to prepare a delicious cup of coffee or tea.


  • Dual Monitors


Studies have shown that using two monitors instead of one can significantly boost productivity. This is basically because the larger the monitor, the more space you have to open multiple windows and multitask. Particularly for those of you who work as a graphic or web designer, you’ll definitely appreciate the wider screen. Trust me, once you go duo, you can’t go back. P.S. If you’re on a budget then you can get the Asus 24 inch for around $160 or the Dell 27 inch for $300 on Amazon.com.


  • Swivel Chair


If your job requires you to be perched to a desk for 6-8 hours a day then it’s about time you invest in a good, supportive, ergonomic chair that isn’t slowly deteriorating your health. Even though we’ve heard time and time again that sitting all day isn’t good for us – fun fact: those who sit all day have a 54% higher likelihood to get a heart attack – how can we ignore our job demands? If you’re ready to spend big and get the best of the best then we recommend Gordon Gecko. This baby really deserves to be parked somewhere inside your cozy home, but I guess the office people will just have to deal with how gorgeous she is (before eventually getting jealous). If you’re not too keen on buying something with a hefty price tag then you can get Markus from IKEA, which isn’t nearly as beautiful but is supportive enough to get the job done.


  • Nest Thermostat


Productivity tends to lower when the temperature isn’t doing you justice. Too hot? You start sweating and feeling agitated. Too cold? Can’t think and your body becomes restless. Here’s where Nest Thermostat comes in – this sleek, cool gadget that you can attach to your office wall that learns your schedule and adapts to your lifestyle. For instance, if you usually turn the heat up by 8PM before tucking in the kids to bed, Nest will learn and repeat your preferences. Nest is the extra step you should take to create the most comfortable working space.


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