4 Apps to Stay Productive On Your Commute to Work

The drive to work can be such a pain in the ass sometimes. Having to be in a jam-packed bus, train, or even getting stuck in traffic while you’re in a taxi. The only things to distract us are our smartphones and luckily, there are tens of thousands of entertaining and productive apps out there for our use; perfect for times like these! Successful people never waste a minute, even if they were in a crowded underground train with a drunk hobo next to them.
4. Get Organized: Make a Check List, Check!


A person who is well organized usually starts their day off by making a mental note of what needs to get done. Adopt the same habit and begin your day by creating a to-do list during that long, annoying commute to work. Apps such as iProcrastinate and Evernote are amongst some of the handiest apps out there to help you set alarms, reminders, due dates and create lists accompanied with notes.

And if you’re driving yourself to work then Dragon Dictation is the one for you – this apps allows you to record your to-do list and anything else you’d like to remind yourself with for later in the day. But if you’re really enjoying Evernote, there’s a recording option on there too.


3. Get Smart: Be Bilingual


Hola! What better way to spend your free time commuting to work than learning a new language? If you’ve got time to spare, just whip out Duolingo and you can start learning French, German, Portuguese, Danish, Italian and Spanish in just a matter of months. The neatest thing about this, if you think about it, is that it can start to be apart of your daily routine, meaning you won’t need to set extra time aside to take classes just to learn a language.


2. Get Inspired: Learn About ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ (TED Talk)


Whether you’re interested in science or the arts, TED offers presentations that will undoubtedly catch your attention and make you feel inspired. Try listening to some by using the TED app (you can download on your iPhone or iPad), which gives you access to different people’s ‘ideas worth spreading’ about general lifestyle choices, the universe, the economy, and the list goes on. And if you’re not feeling up for it, then go ahead and listen to some podcasts or audiobooks as they can be equally as uplifting with the already installed Podcast app (if you have an Apple device) or Audible.


1. Get Centered: Practice Meditation


And if none of the above-mentioned apps interested you at all, get in-touch with yourself. Start your day off with a clear and open mind to any possibilities that may come your way. The Headspace Meditation App helps you do exactly that when in a crowded subway or even in a cab. Meditating every morning will eventually reset your brain into thinking more positively about things – the perfect start to a productive day.



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