3 Nootropics You Don’t Know You’ve Already Taken

3 Nootropics You Don’t Know You’ve Already TakenAs much as the topic of nootropics may seem like a completely new subject that is continually being pushed to popular media, most people don’t even know that some nootropics aren’t completely uncommon at all. In fact, most people don’t know that they might even be already be taking some nootropic ingredients every day in their diets.

There are nootropics found in many consumable sources around us. Even further, did you know that the number one drug, coffee, contains some form of nootropic ingredients? The fact is, many people just don’t know about them. Well, remember when multivitamins were discovered? Most people despised the thought of even taking them when they were already a major part of most people’s diets.

So, exactly what nootropics are in our consumables?

  1. Caffeine. Coincidentally, caffeine is the most popular drug in the world. You find caffeine in so many sources, and even in those that you wouldn’t think of. It’s in coffee, soda, and even in green tea. Caffeine increases dopamine levels in the brain and activates the brain’s pleasure centers. You feel more energized, more alert, and a lot more  
  2. L-Theanine. L-theanine, as you might see in some caffeine supplements, works with caffeine to soothe the body, improving mood, while also vastly reducing stress. It’s a great combination with caffeine because it allows you to get all the energy benefits caffeine brings, without all the side effects (like crashes and anxiety) that normally come with it. Even without caffeine, it works great just to keep you calm and manage the stresses of everyday life. One great source is green tea!
  3. Chewing gum. Although not exactly a nootropic, nor does it contain any nootropic ingredients, chewing gum produces nootropic effects while you are chewing it. Studies show that you are able to improve your focus, alertness, and short-term memory for a short period while you are eating it. What’s more, chewing gum keeps you awake when you need to be! If you look at baseball players in a stadium, you’ll see a lot of them chewing gum as well. Why? To improve their accuracy and reaction time!

So, how many of these have you taken? How many of these today? 

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