2018 Best Smart Pills – Top 7

Finding the right nootropic smart pill supplement for you can prove a minefield.

We receive many questions daily about the memory and focus supplements people want reviewed…

  • Does this smart pill work?
  • Is it good value?
  • Are there any side effects?
  • How soon will I see improvements to my memory/focus/productivity/energy?
  • Did other buyers experience great results?
  • Which one is the best?

These are all questions we find the answers to in our extensive smart pill reviews.

#1   Best Smart Pill 2018 – Neuro Laboratories “NITROVIT” 97%

Nitrovit was originally created 7 years ago by 68 year old founder Archie Marks to combat his own personal memory and focus issues, Nitrovit has since grown to be the leader in the memory supplement industry.

We put it to the test and could clearly see why Archie’s formula has taken Nitrovit to the very top. Nitrovit had us feeling sharp, clear headed, alert, and stood miles ahead in memory related tasks such as verbal fluency, remembering names, and boosting Lumosity and Sudoku speed tests. Starting at around $36 per bottle when you purchase the 3 bottle pack, Nitrovit returned the best results we’ve seen for a memory supplement yet… Read the full review


#2  Recommended – Project Noo You “NOOSHIFT” 94%

Nooshift is another high ranking nootropic focus and memory formula – again using the potent Noopept as its main ingredient. While Nooshift includes 15mg per serving of Noopept (compared to Nitrovit’s 25mg), it still delivers thanks to its inclusion of Uridine.

Nooshift brings about a real pinpoint clarity around 20 minutes after taking it and keeps you alert and energetic for a good 4-5 hours. The company behind this great supplement seem to be on a mission to help those who suffer from ADHD and focus issues and they seem to have done a great job of creating something anyone can take without a prescription, at an affordable price point too. Read the full review


#3    – Onnit “ALPHA BRAIN” 90%

Onnit are a company you’ve likely heard of. They’ve been around a while and their Alpha Brain product is often touted on podcasts such as the Joe Rogan Experience. Onnit do more than just supplements – they also sell weights/kettlebells, and workout apparel.

While Alpha Brain has a large following of fans, much of this can be put down to their dominating marketing strategies – as opposed to having the best product. With that said, Alpha Brain is quite unique in that the formula is made up entirely of ‘earth grown nootropics’. Being solely plant based makes for a weaker formula than say our number 1 and 2 placed products – but does make for a ‘natural’ formula that’s easy on the stomach. Read the full review


#4    – Jarrow Formulas “Neuro Optimizer” 89%

Jarrow Formulas provides a no thrills – yet no nonsense – approach with their ‘brain optimizing’ formula. The ingredients are solid and the price is right, coming in as low as $35 for a months supply on sites like Amazon. There is some real staple nootropics in this product such as ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid), Taurine (the main component in Red Bull) and Acetyl L-Carnitine – a doubled edged sword with both fat burning properties, and anti-fatigue components.

Serving size is 4 capsules which is a little inconvenient, but the low price, and the fact you could use this as a base supplement and add other nootropics on top mean its an impressive offering for students, people on a budget, or even seasoned biohackers for an all in one foundation stack to add to.   Read the full review

#5   – Quincy Bioscience “Prevagen” 88%

Prevagen is an interesting supplement in that it only has one ingredient – a synthetic clone of a protein found in Jellyfish. We wanted to find out if this unique so called ‘memory booster’ worked and put it to the test with two senior volunteers. We also looked at the large number of online reviews and opinions regarding Prevagen.

While little is know about the effectiveness of the protein used, we can confirm the reviews were mixed. And at $44.99 for what could be a 15 day supply, that’s quite an expense for a supplement that has inconclusive results from what we saw.

Some liked it, many didn’t rate it at all… Swhat did we think? Let’s check it out: Read the full review


#6   – Irwin Naturals “Ginkgo Smart” 87%

You can find Irwin Naturals Ginkgo Smart online from as little as $21, which despite it not delivering like some of the more advanced formulas such as Nitrovit or Nooshift – still makes this is a good little product for the price point – and another nice beginner stack for those look for the basics to add their own additional nootropics on top.

While the ingredient list looks impressive (it isn’t just based on Ginkgo Biloba), sadly the milligrams are a little low on a lot of the nootropics. Take the Acetyl L-Carnitine for example… The average daily serving size is approx. 500mg, and many of us at Best Smart Pills take 1000mg. Ginkgo Smart features just 50mg which is really going to deliver little in the way of results. So some good nootropics, but a little underpowered. Read the full review


#7  – NeuroScience “AdreCor” 84%

Adrecor features a two step formula with some good nootropics such as L-tyrosine and Rhodiola Rosea- and a lot of vitamins as well. The vitamins include B3, B5, B6, and B12 among others – all known for their brain enhancing properties such as warding of tiredness, increasing alertness and concentration, and helping with memory recall and retention.

Because Adrecor features less nootropics it comes in cheap because of this, and yet still offers a fairly decent (albeit a little basic) boost to brain performance. Of course, the downside is that many of us already take most of the included vitamins in our daily multivitamin, and doubling up could prove troublesome. If you are new to supplements however and on a budget here could be a good place to start.  Read the full review